"I suspect the president ... Did Trump secretly work for Russia?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The FBI opened an investigation in 2017 to see if President Donald Trump was working for Russia against US interests, the New York Times reported.

FBI officials opened the investigation after they were deeply concerned about President Trump's conduct in the days following the dismissal of the office's director, James Coomy, in May 2017, the paper quoted sources familiar with the investigation as saying.

Anti-espionage investigators have taken it upon themselves to investigate whether the president's actions pose a potential threat to national security, the newspaper said, adding they also sought to determine whether Trump was acting for Russia or was inadvertently under Moscow's influence.

In addition to this espionage aspect, the investigation involves a criminal twist - long known to public opinion - whether Trump's dismissal of FBI director James Komi is an obstacle to justice.

The New York Times reported that special investigator Robert Mueller took this investigation into his responsibilities when he was appointed under the supervision of the Justice Department, to investigate suspicions of complicity between Moscow and the Trump campaign team for the presidential election, days after FBI officials opened the investigation.

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