The Alternative Nobel Committee launched an international campaign to demand the immediate release of three Saudi activists arrested this year in the field of human rights, Fahd Al-Qahtani, Abdullah Al-Hamed and Walid Abu Al-Khair.

The campaign was announced at the award ceremony of the "LifeLife Hood" award, known as the "Alternative Nobel" for those three detainees in Saudi Arabia.

This is the first time that the award has been awarded to candidates from Saudi Arabia in recognition of their efforts in the field of human rights.

Human rights activists were surprised by the arrest of Saudi Arabia's most prominent jurists as it seeks to open up and make a quantum leap in the field of human rights.

Earlier, the Alternative Nobel Committee and Amnesty International called on the authorities in Saudi Arabia to immediately release the three Saudi activists.

The Nobel Foundation, based in the Swedish capital Stockholm, is awarded prizes for outstanding human rights, anti-corruption and environmental protection.

Founded in 1980, Noble aims to cover the areas of non-recognition in the original Nobel Prize for the pioneers in medicine, physics, chemistry, peace, literature and economics.