A traffic jam on the highway.

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A few hours before the entry into force of the new confinement decreed by the government, the situation on the roads was exceptional this Thursday afternoon and evening.

700 km of traffic jams have been recorded in Ile-de-France.

At the end of the afternoon, the Sytadin road information site noted 683 km of traffic jams in Ile-de-France.

On Wednesday evening, the same site was already more than 335 km - twice as much as normal - of traffic jams accumulated before Emmanuel Macron's speech announcing the reconfinement of France to try to stem the second wave of the Covid 19 epidemic.

That's it, go to your second homes to admire the beauty of the orange forests of autumn there ... reread Flaubert by the fire ... with your vegetable gardens and your stove ... I'm not at all jealous ... . 🤧 pic.twitter.com/5v9Owq7REU

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