Autumn is getting deeper.

The autumn leaves are also turning red in the national park. Now, autumn will pass quickly and winter will come. Before that, let's enjoy the darkening autumn with a LAN line.

This is reporter Song In-ho.


Autumn has deepened in the Seorak-dong district where strange rock formations gathered to form a superb view.

The winding mountain road is surrounded by reddish autumn leaves, and the area around Biryong Falls is also colored with autumn leaves.

Autumn is ripening at the foot of Mt. Odae.

Visitors forgot their busy daily lives and visited the national park at the peak of autumn leaves.

[Visitors of North Hansan National Park: (Corona 19) It was difficult. I can't go out. (Maple) The color is so pretty. I think it was a lot of healing while going to the



You can enjoy the autumn foliage spots in the national park through high-definition video without going to the mountains.

The National Park Service has started a'LAN Line' service that takes real-time photos of the autumn leaves of Mt. Seorak, Mt. Odae, and Mt. Naejang and uploads them to YouTube.

[Min Woong-ki/Director of North Hansan National Park Resource Conservation Section: This year, as the temperature decreases rapidly, the autumn leaves season is expected to accelerate, and the color of autumn leaves is expected to become darker as the daily temperature difference is greater than last year.] Using a

virtual reality headset, you can see the autumn leaves in 360-degree stereoscopic images. Enjoy.

[After passing through the Naejangsan ticket office, the maple tunnel greets us.]

The everyday sounds of nature provided with the video soothe the tired heart from corona.

If you are visiting the national park yourself, you should refrain from gathering in groups and follow quarantine regulations such as wearing a mask and keeping a distance of 2m.

(Video coverage: Choi Ho-jun, video editing: Yumira, screen courtesy: National Park TV)