A new muzzle allows the Corona virus to pass ... and then kills it

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, MIT, designed a muzzle capable of killing the virus, instead of filtering it from the air, according to the newspaper «Daily Mail».

The new muzzle has the ability to kill the virus by passing breathing air through a fine copper mesh, which is heated to a degree of 90 degrees.

The copper net is located in an isolated location with an industrial material, so that the wearer does not feel heat during its operation.

Researchers said that the new muzzle, if marketed, will have a higher price than cloth, surgical, or advanced N95 masks.

Although the price is expected to increase, the muzzle will be ideal for use in situations where the risk of exposure to the virus is high, such as in health care sites or crowded public transport.

The muzzle does not need to be disposed of or even sterilized after its use is completed, according to the institute.

"This is a completely new concept of a muzzle in that it does not basically prevent the virus," said Michael Strano, a professor of chemical engineering at the institute.

It allows the virus to pass through the muzzle, but it slows it down and disables it.

 The new "Pure Care" masks carry a pair of replaceable filters, which are able to prevent airborne impurities.

To help you breathe more comfortably, the company has added battery-powered fans to its new device, working with three speeds to ensure optimum performance.