Irene, a member of the girl group Red Velvet, was controversial over bullying following the controversy over personality.

On the 23rd, an article presumed to be written on his SNS by Monet Fukuhara, a former SM Entertainment trainee, spread in the online community.

The SNS capture said, "When I was in SM, I was also beaten by Joo-hyun (Irene's real name), and Seul-gi protected it."

While it is unclear whether this article is authentic or not, Fukuhara once again uploaded a post that corrected the post he had previously posted.

On the same day, Fukuhara posted on social media on the same day in Japanese, saying, "It needs correction. The word'bullying' is a term in a very broad sense." "I wrote.

All these posts have been deleted from Fukuhara's social media.

However, the posts that were once posted are rapidly spreading on social media, causing another controversy.

Monet Fukuhara worked as a trainee for her idol debut at domestic agency such as SM, and is currently active as a YouTuber in Japan.

Earlier, Irene was exposed to the so-called'GapJil' by stylist A with 15 years of experience, and was controversial about personality. As the controversy grew, Irene posted an apology on her SNS on the 22nd, saying she was sorry for the careless words and actions.

The personality problem, which seemed to be settled with Irene's apology, has not faded as another revelation has been added. 

(Reporter Jihye Kim, SBS Entertainment News)