Officially, ventilating a room is not on the list of barrier gestures recommended by health authorities against the coronavirus.

But several specialists believe, faced with the resumption of the epidemic, that this practice would make it possible to fight effectively against the stagnation of the virus in the air.


Wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, keep your distance, cough into your elbow and throw away your handkerchief after using it.

The official list of barrier gestures against Covid-19 is now well known to the French.

Especially since the multiplication of contaminations, with more than 20,000 new cases detected during the last 24 hours - a new record - invites them to follow these measures with scruple.

But in the face of an unabated epidemic recovery, opening the windows could soon be part of the new recommendations.

An additional measure to "reduce the risk"

Indeed, to fight effectively against the aerosolization of Covid-19, that is to say its stagnation in the air, it would also be necessary to think about the ventilation of the rooms, according to some health professionals.

Jean-Paul Stahl, professor of infectious diseases at the CHU Grenoble, considers that this is a very good idea.

"Airing the rooms makes it possible to reduce the risk", he maintains to Europe 1. "We will never eradicate the risk, at least not until we have a vaccine. The challenge is therefore to reduce it. as much as possible so that there are fewer people infected. "

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In Germany, the ventilation of public and private places is one of the official recommendations.

In France, the Directorate General for Health ensures that "good ventilation of the premises is indeed a major measure to limit the spread of viruses in confined spaces".

Another public health specialist goes even further: "It is one of the most effective means to curb the epidemic".

And he adds: "It is a measure which, in addition, costs nothing".