Video reveals aunt's relationship with her nephew!

Cairo Investigations were able to determine the identity of a killer who pushed his cousin from the balcony of the first house in the 15th of May area in Cairo, according to the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan.

The defendant, who works as a worker in a factory, admitted that he got rid of his cousin after he revealed a forbidden relationship between the victim and his mother, as a surveillance camera spotted him carrying out his crime.

Cairo Investigations had received a statement earlier about the fall of a young man from the fifth floor after he was caught in a breach with his aunt.

Surveillance cameras monitored the accused while he was paying the victim, and he admitted that after entering the person who was surprised by the victim was practicing immorality with his mother.

The investigations revealed that the accused came suddenly from his work, and after entering the house, he was surprised by his mother practicing vice with his cousin, and fights arose between them, and while the victim was trying to escape, the accused pushed him as a result of his fall from the balcony of the fifth floor.

A survey of the darkest agencies in Cairo showed that the apartment consists of 3 rooms, a hall and a bathroom, and it is located in a residential property consisting of 6 floors. It was also found that there were traces of a quarrel inside the apartment, including the shattering of the door of one of the rooms, and the investigations indicated that the victim was wearing "pajamas" and did not wear any rest His clothes.

The investigation authorities made a 17-minute video clip that monitored the incident through several surveillance cameras, starting when the victim came to his aunt's apartment in possession of 3 bottles of alcohol, and it continued inside the apartment for about 17 minutes, and the accused attended, and within minutes after entering the apartment, the victim fell from the balcony of the apartment on Earth is a dead body.

The Public Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of the accused of practicing immorality with the "deceased" son of her sister, for a period of 4 days pending investigations, and requested the investigations into the incident.

The Cairo Investigations revealed the details of the death of a university student who fell from the fifth floor, after he was caught in a breach with his aunt in the 15th of May area, and investigations revealed that the forbidden relationship between the dead man and his aunt began several months ago, and that the deceased was visiting the house of his "aunt" under the pretext Kinship ties, and they were practicing the forbidden relationship, while family members were abroad.

The finder of the incident, son of the defendant, said in the police report in the May 15 department that he was accompanied by his friends, and he returned to his home and heard a strange sound in his mother's bedroom, so he went to her and saw his mother and his older cousin in a disgraced position.