Useful types of tea in the cold season

Russian nutritionist Dr. Mikhail Ginsburg revealed the unique properties of different types of tea, especially those that should be consumed during the cold season.

Dr. Michael Ginsburg explained that wild rose tea is similar to tea in its functional properties, and every 100 grams of it contains what the body needs of vitamin within a week.

In addition to this, it stimulates collagen production, making the skin elastic.

He added that the second very useful tea is "hibiscus" tea, which is rich in antioxidants and prevents the spread of seasonal infections.

But it should not be brewed in a metal jug.

And the person who consumes "hibiscus" tea, does not get cold diseases altogether, or develop mild cases of them, in addition to these characteristics, it also controls the level of blood pressure.

As for ginger tea, it contains flavonoids, which have a direct anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effect.

Therefore, when suffering from cold diseases, ginger tea should be drunk, as it lowers the body temperature and improves appetite and health.

Also, chunks of ginger root should be used in tea, not grated.