In the past 25 years, physical education teacher Bai Jian has become the "dad" of more than 120 rural children. He has cultivated 4 international-level athletes, 55 national first-level athletes, and allowed 48 children to "run" into college.

   "Run out of my life" with poor children

  Cabbage, peppers, eggplant, corn, pears, potted kebabs, two rows of simple bungalows, and an already built fish pond.

This is a 7-acre crop yard located in Duizhuangshi Village under Donganshan Town, Qianshan District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province.

  This courtyard also has a name: "Dream House".

This is also the only marathon training base in Anshan City.

  As soon as the owner of the yard, Bai Jian and the reporter, entered the yard, the four children who were playing immediately surrounded him, called Bai Jian "Dad" affectionately, and greeted the reporter.

  Bo Jian proudly told reporters that he has more than 120 "children", and now there are 32 children who follow him to study and train, the oldest is 17 years old and the youngest is 9 years old.

  Through sports training such as middle and long-distance running, these children have produced 4 international level athletes, 55 national first-level athletes, and 48 of them have been specially recruited into universities as special sports students.

  Starting from sponsoring his first "son", Bai Jian started a long-distance race of love and kindness that is rarely understood by ordinary people. It lasted 25 years.

The first "son"

  In 1995, 22-year-old Bai Jian went to Anshan No. 2 Middle School as a physical education teacher.

  One day, a class teacher found him, "Pang Hao in our class often plays truant and scolds the teacher. We can't control it. If he doesn't evade your class, let you take care of it."

  It turned out that Pang Hao's parents had a bad relationship, and no one wanted to care about him.

Pang Hao had good academic performance, but family changes and lack of financial resources made him lose confidence in life and became a "problem boy."

  At that time, Bai Jian lived in the dormitory alone, so he thought of letting Pang Hao live with him.

"The monthly salary is 193 yuan, enough for two people to live." His idea at the time was simple.

  However, after moving into the dormitory of Baijian, Pang Hao still played truant, not only borrowing money from his classmates, but even grabbing money from his classmates to go to the game hall.

As long as Pang Hao doesn't come back, Bai Jian will look for it in the game hall.

If the boss didn't open the door, he smashed the door severely, and even reported to the police. He would never stop until Pang Hao was found.

  What Bai Jian did not expect was that Pang Hao stole the 1,000 yuan he had saved.

  He searched for 3 days and finally found Pang Hao in a game hall.

At that time, Pang Hao put a pile of instant noodle boxes beside him, his eyes were bloodshot, and he refused to admit that he took the money.

  With no money in his hands, Bai Jian had to eat steamed buns and pickles every day.

Anxiously, he fell ill, first his throat was dumb and unable to speak, and then he vomited blood.

  This time Pang Hao was scared to cry. He admitted that he took the teacher's money, "You treat me better than my parents, and I will listen to you in the future and call you Dad." The two embraced and sobbed.

  Knowing that Pang Hao "want to take college entrance exams", Bai Jian began to train him to run.

  Back then, Bai Jian ran more than ten miles to school every day, and ran home after school. Over time, he became a long-distance runner.

Because of this specialty, he "ran" into Jinzhou Teachers College and became the only college student in the village at that time.

  After training for a period of time, Bai Jian realized that it was too late to start running at Pang Hao's age.

Seeing that Pang Hao particularly likes playing football, Bai Jian found him a football coach.

Pang Hao has made rapid progress. He has played many times as a forward for the youth football team and has repeatedly achieved good results.

  In 2001, Pang Hao was specially recruited into Shenyang Institute of Physical Education as a football major.

After graduating in 2004, he was admitted to a civil servant in Tiedong District, Anshan City, and his life changed.

Help rural children "run" into college

  It was Bai Jian's nature to help Pang Hao, and he didn't think too much.

Later, more parents sent their children in admiration, most of them were poor children from poor rural areas.

  Bai Jian knows the taste of poverty and is more willing to help them.

His tuition fee was 10 yuan for the folks, and 20 yuan for him.

  In 2000, Zhu Hongwei, who was in the fifth grade of elementary school, was sent to Baijian by his physical education teacher.

Zhu Hongwei's mother relies on picking up tatters for her to study, and her life is very difficult.

  Zhu Hongwei is short and thin, not like an athlete at all, but she has super perseverance.

"This kid is so sensible that it hurts." Bai Jian said. During training, she always rushed to be in the forefront. Even if it was a boy in front, she would try her best to catch up.

  In August 2009, at the National Middle School Games held in Nanchong, Sichuan, Zhu Hongwei won the women's 800-meter race championship.

In the same year, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Xi'an Jiaotong University also extended the olive branch of special enrollment to her.

  In the end, Zhu Hongwei chose Xi’an Jiaotong University because of a one-year tuition reduction and a scholarship of 8,000 yuan. Because of his excellent grades, he was also recommended to graduate school.

Now she works as a counselor at a university in Chongqing.

  Like Zhu Hongwei, there are more than 80 students who have gone out from Baijian, and basically all have achieved a life counterattack.

Among them, 48 students were specially recruited to enter the university because of their specialties in sports. Currently, 12 college students and 4 graduate students are studying.

  Seeing so many role models "running" on the new track of life, the children who are training with Bai Jian are more energetic.

  Luo Wei, a 17-year-old high school senior, comes from Yinhe Village, Renjian Town, Ningyuan, Yongzhou, Hunan.

He told reporters that they train for long-distance running at 4:30 every morning, run 16 kilometers, then eat, go to school, and do basic exercises such as sit-ups and leg presses after school.

  "My athletic performance is good, and I am confident of'running' into college." He said.

Spread love and reap love

  The thing that Bai Jian worries the most is raising money.

  Most of his students have very difficult families. He not only trains them for free, but also takes care of their food and accommodation, but also provides them to complete their studies.

  Right now, 32 "children" only need 10,000 yuan to eat every month.

In September, when school started, Bai Jian still had to spend 60,000 to 70,000 yuan to pay tuition and living expenses to college students. The beginning of the school season became his most difficult time.

  In 2005, five children were admitted to university, and the tuition fee was 60,000 yuan.

Bai Jian couldn't take it out for a while, so anxiously ran to the mountain and cried.

  What touched him was that every time this kind of "life and death" moments, there are always kind people who lend a hand.

  At that time, Bai Jianbord lived in a colleague's house.

So he discussed with his colleagues that he wanted to buy a house and then mortgaged for a loan.

  A kind colleague sold a house with a market value of 150,000 yuan at the time to Bai Jian at a price of 80,000 yuan, and told him, "When will the money be paid back?"

Later, Bai Jian successively used his salary to return more than 40,000 yuan to his colleague, and that colleague simply didn't want the remaining money.

  Bo Jian’s story is known to more and more people, and he also received more help: a Shanghai flooring company donated 100,000 yuan; an entrepreneur in Shanxi sent 3,000 yuan a month for many years; Anshan citizens sent it The rice noodle oil is enough for Baijian and the children for a year...

  National May 1st Labor Medal, National Model Teacher, Good Chinese Dad... "Running" along the way, Bai Jian has gained many honors, but his feelings are not smooth.

  As soon as the woman heard that he was in charge of dozens of children, Bai Jian was still a bachelor until he was 46.

  In 2015, Bai Jian met with Luo Wentong, a diving assistant of Tsinghua University who was 12 years younger than him, and they had a good relationship with each other.

In 2018, Bai Jian strained his Achilles tendon. At that time, he was about to take the children to Yunnan to participate in activities, so he invited Luo Wentong to take care of the children. Luo Wentong agreed.

  During the 81 days in Yunnan, Luo Wentong saw Bo Jian's love and patience for the children with his own eyes, and Bo Jian also felt the gentle and considerate Hubei girl.

The two confirmed their relationship.

  On October 6, 2019, Bai Jian and Luo Wentong got married.

Bai Jian told reporters that his wife has been pregnant for more than 5 months and has returned to her hometown in Hubei to have a baby.

  Speaking of this, Bai Jian smiled, very happy.

  Cartography: Photo courtesy of Chen Ziyun interviewee

  Our reporter Liu Xu