China News Service, September 25. According to the Qingdao Health and Health Commission website, on September 24, Qingdao City found that two loading and unloading workers were infected with the new type during the regular routine inspection of Qingdao Port Dagang Company’s "Due to Inspection" personnel. Coronavirus is an asymptomatic infection.

So far, 132 close contacts have been investigated and all have been quarantined. 129 have been tested and all the test results have been negative; 228 close contacts of close contacts have all collected samples and sent them to the laboratory for testing. All were quarantined and observed; there were 4341 general contacts and community investigations, 3497 samples have been collected, and 1502 results have been obtained, all of which are negative.

  The newly-added asymptomatic infected person, Dong Moumou, male, 40 years old, lives at No. 13 Tieshan Road, Shibei District, is a loading and unloading worker of Qingdao Port Dagang Company, and is a person included in the regular inspection of Qingdao City’s “Examination and Examination”.

On September 8, Dong’s routine nucleic acid test was negative; on September 19, Dong’s night shift loaded and unloaded frozen seafood imported from abroad; on September 24, the testing agency reported that Dong’s nucleic acid test was positive and reported to Qingdao Municipal Diseases The control center's nucleic acid retest was positive. At present, Dong Moumou consciously has no symptoms. The expert team determined that he was asymptomatic and has been transferred to a designated hospital for isolation, observation and treatment.

Dong Moumou walks to and from get off work on weekdays, lives with his wife (working in Qingdao Fourth Middle School canteen) and son (schooling in Shanghai Zhilu Primary School), and both his wife and son have negative nucleic acid test results.

At present, we are organizing an orderly study on the residential area of ​​Dong Moumou, No. 13 Tieshan Road, Shibei District, Dagang Port District where he works, the frozen fish storage area in Licang District, Qingdao No. 4 Middle School where his wife works, and Shanghai where his son is studying. The branch road elementary school, as well as the relevant personnel in the activity areas of Liaoning Lu Jiajiayue Supermarket, Jilin Road Morning Market, Leling Road Youke Supermarket, Xiaobaodao Vegetable Market, etc., where Dong Moumou and his family have visited, carried out full nucleic acid tests. And kill the environment.

  The newly added asymptomatic infected person, Chen Moumou, male, 45 years old, lives in the single dormitory of Dagang Company, Dagang Road, Shibei District, and commutes to work by bicycle on weekdays. He is a stevedore in the same class with Dong Moumou and has a history of common exposure. Persons who should be checked regularly. On September 8, Chen's routine nucleic acid test was negative; on September 19, Chen's night shift loaded and unloaded frozen seafood imported from abroad; September 24, Qingdao CDC nucleic acid The test was positive. Chen Moumou is currently asymptomatic. The expert group determined that he was asymptomatic and has been transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and observation.

Chen XX had two colleagues living in the same room, and the test result was negative.

Other close contacts are being investigated and tracked overnight, and the circulation and testing results will be announced in time.

  The batch of imported products has not yet entered the market and has been sealed up. A total of 1,440 samples involving cold chain products and environmental samples have been collected and submitted for inspection, and some positive samples have been detected.

  In order to strengthen normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, and further do a good job of "external defense input, internal prevention rebound" to ensure the safety of the city's epidemic prevention and control, the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee's leading group (command headquarters) for overall epidemic prevention and control and economic operation reminded the general public: Increase awareness of personal protection, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, maintain social distance, and cooperate with health monitoring.