Famke Louise has removed the video on her Instagram for the celebrity campaign #ikdoenietmeermee.

The 21-year-old singer writes on the social medium that she no longer supports the message.

According to Meijer, it was never her intention to persuade people to stop adhering to the corona measures.

"The intention was

to offer a different perspective



(where the singer was a guest on Tuesday, ed.). I wanted to make myself known on television, but what I could not oversee was the lack of support around me."

Famke Louise Meijer, the full name of the singer, further states that she was

not able to tell the story


Jinek on

Tuesday that she was planning.

"I was nervous. I am not a scientist, doctor, virologist or politician and I have never said that."

"In retrospect, I could have assessed the situation better and that is why I now want to bear my responsibility by removing the video," said Meijer.

The artist was not the first celebrity who deleted her call afterwards.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bizzey, Tim Douwsma and Mental Theo already did this.

'Not my best day'

The singer explains that she did not have her best day on Monday.

Last week, after more than two years, she broke with Ali B's management office, Spec.

The rapper stated on Tuesday that the singer did this without consultation.

In addition, the

Op me Monnie




Monday she was overloaded with phone calls after the call with the hashtag ikdoenietmeermee.

"The mainstream media chose me as a potential point of contact. All in all, not my best day. (..) I thought I could make a difference, but I now realize the seriousness of making unfounded statements."

Singer takes 'just a step back'

The artist says that she is taking a step back for now to be able to oversee the whole situation.

"I'm looking for someone who specializes in pandemics to educate me about this situation and perhaps share the stage with me."

Meijer closes her message with an apology.

"I hope you give me the space to grow. I promise to do my best better."

Famke Louise, who has more than a million followers on Instagram, received a lot of criticism on Tuesday from people who were angry about the call she and dozens of other celebrities made via social media on Monday.

"The longer we live in corona time in 2020, the more I am convinced that the measures and all their consequences are worse than the ailment," the influencer wrote on Instagram on Monday.

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