Former city council arrested in Tokyo Fuchu city Arrested for suspicion of bribery Metropolitan Police Department August 5 14:12

A former city council member in Fuchu City, Tokyo, who was incumbent last year, urged the city's executives to leak information about the bid for the construction of more than 100 million yen ordered by the city in return, in return for about 1 million yen cash from the successful bidder I was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department for suspected bribery of mediation.

Mr. Shigeru Muraki (73), a former city council member in Fuchu City, was arrested.

According to a person involved in the investigation, former representative Muraki, who was in his current position last August, urged the city's executives to leak the minimum bid price over the expansion of the park of more than 100 million yen ordered by Fuchu City. In return, it is suspected of bribery of mediation, saying that it received about 1 million yen in cash from the president of the winning landscape gardening company.

In addition, Yoshio Tanaka, 76, the president of the landscape gardening company Fuchu Ueki, was also arrested on suspicion of bribery.

According to the people involved in the investigation, the difference between the bid price and the minimum limit price of the winning landscaping company was only 9 yen.

Mr. Muraki was a veteran who also had the experience of chairing the city council, but in June this year he was arrested and prosecuted with the city's executives over the leakage of the minimum price limit, and he has resigned.

The Metropolitan Police Department is looking into the details of the relationship between former member Muraki and the company.