Saitama Prefecture 70s and 80s 2 people died 49 people infected announcement New Corona August 4 21:25

Saitama Prefecture has been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus and has announced the death of two males in their 70s and 80s who were hospitalized at medical institutions in the prefecture.

According to the prefectures, they all have underlying illness, and men in their 70s died last month on the 31st, men in their 80s died on the 2nd at hospitals in the prefecture where they were both hospitalized.

Of the confirmed infections in Saitama prefecture, the number of people who died is now 76.

In the prefecture, a total of 49 new coronavirus infections were announced on the 4th.

Of the 41 people announced by Saitama Prefecture, the men in their 80s were inpatients at the Tokorozawa Daiichi Hospital in Tokorozawa City, where mass infections have been confirmed in patients, and there were 28 infected people associated with this hospital ..

In addition, we newly discovered the infection of a woman in her 70s who entered the Taiyo no Sato, a facility for the disabled in Shiraoka City, and the number of infected persons related to this facility became 15.

Furthermore, it means that a male police officer in his 40s was newly infected at the Takenan Police Station in Kawaguchi City, which has been confirmed to have been infected by two police officers.

In addition, Saitama City announced four infections for men and women in their 20s, and Kawaguchi City announced two infections for men in their 30s and women in their 40s.

In addition, Koshigaya-shi has announced the infection of two women in their 50s and 80s.

Of these, women in their 80s were users of the elderly care health facility "Aoi-no-en/Koshigaya Lake Town" in the city, where mass infections have been confirmed, and the number of infected persons related to this facility has reached 15. ..

The number of infected persons announced in Saitama prefecture was 49, and the total number of infected persons announced so far was 2,556.

According to the prefectural board of education, the prefectural Iwatsuki High School in Saitama City, which has already been known to have infected two students, was confirmed to have newly infected three students belonging to the same department.