In Hanover, Turkish business owners have received letters threatening to set fire to mosques, among other things. The police are investigating suspected sedition and threats, said a spokesman for the Hanover public prosecutor's office.

The Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung and the NDR reported that the business people are insulted in the letters. "You will be destroyed," says one of the letters, according to the NDR. In addition, it announced a "difficult war" in the Steintorviertel. Mosques would soon be set on fire in Hanover. The letter is signed with "Die Deutschen".

The police have received several such threatening letters, but did not state the exact number. According to the media report, it is now being checked whether they can be assigned to the same author. "We know that such letters have already been implemented and are therefore very careful," said Attorney General Thomas Klinge of the NDR. The public prosecutor's office is therefore examining whether it is a general expression of displeasure "or whether there is actually a danger".