Matsutake is an endangered species International Union for Conservation of Nature Latest Red List July 9 21:01

IUCN = International Union for Conservation of Nature, created by experts on wildlife around the world, has published the latest Red List and has designated Matsutake mushrooms as an endangered species because of the decline in global growth.

The IUCN, headquartered in Switzerland, created the "Red List" by classifying the risk of extinction of world wildlife, and the latest list was released on the 9th.

For the first time, Matsutake was evaluated, and it was newly designated as an endangered species because its growth rate has decreased significantly.

The endangered species are divided into three stages in order of increasing risk of extinction, of which Matsutake is the third and is classified as "critical" like bluefin tuna in the Pacific Ocean.

Matsutake mushrooms are widely distributed from Asia to Europe, but depending on the IUCN, pine forests where Matsutake mushrooms grow globally are damaged due to diseases, logging, and deterioration of the forest environment. It means that

Tetsuhei Michie, Secretary-General of the IUCN Japan Committee, said, “Matsutake creates an environment where people can easily grow like a satoyama in the past. It is necessary to use forests appropriately to protect and use Matsutake. There is."

On the other hand, this time, the Japanese eel, which was designated as an endangered species 6 years ago, was also re-evaluated, and it was said that there was a high risk of extinction in the wild in the near future due to excessive fishing and deterioration of the river environment. , As before, it was classified as the second most critically endangered species, "crisis".