Former top footballer Dirk Kuijt is going to divorce his wife Gertrude after a relationship of 22 years and a marriage of 17 years. He confirms this in an interview with De Telegraaf .

The 39-year-old Kuijt says that there is no split fungus between him and his wife, but that the fire of the relationship has gone out.

"It is a sad situation in which the family and I find ourselves. Both Gertrude and I have to deal with it separately and I must ensure that it also gets a good place for the children," said the 104-time Orange international, who has four children with Gertrude.

As a reason for the break, Kuijt, who retired as a footballer in 2017, states that he was lived throughout his career and life is now different. "I wanted to make many people happy, I wanted to let as many friends and family members enjoy as possible."

But such a lifestyle also had its downside. "After my career I notice that a lot of robbery has taken place on myself and on the family. I notice that I am mainly looking for peace ..."

Dirk Kuijt and Gertrude during the 2014 World Cup. (Photo: Pro Shots)

"Then you find out you're losing yourself"

Kuijt played for the Orange from 2004 to 2014. At club level he was active for FC Utrecht, Feyenoord, Liverpool, Fenerbah├že and again Feyenoord, with which he became national champion in his last game as a pro in 2017. Subsequently, the Katwijker immediately started with a trainer course.

"Another would perhaps be on the field for one evening at Quick Boys, I was immediately there three nights and was there at the game on Saturday. I just have that drive to do everything to the maximum. And then you come to it one moment behind that you lose yourself. "

Three years ago, Kuijt's family life was highlighted in the documentary KUYT by director Deborah van Dam, in which she followed him in the eventful season 2016/2017 during the matches at Feyenoord, the hours on the spare bench and at home with Gertrude and his children. The documentary was seen on television by two million viewers.