Navalny called people who participated in the recording of the RT video about the upcoming amendments to the Constitution, "venal lackeys", "the shame of the country" and "traitors".

And after all, this particular person becomes an authority for our children, for youth, for one of our acquaintances. He completely depreciates the achievements of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a cardiac surgeon who saved thousands of lives, an Olympic champion - those who achieved much more than he did. According to the same principle, Navalny insults all our grandparents, parents, relatives, friends, who think the same way, support the amendments to the Constitution.

Whatever your worldview, for you all the same, something must remain holy, untouched. For example, life, family, respect for other people's achievements, freedom of speech and thought. Where did the upbringing, mercy, tell me? Is it not possible to be both a liberal and a gentleman? Or is it beyond understanding of Navalny and his supporters?

You can’t call yourself a patriot of the country and at the same time insult people living in it. A politician cannot allow himself to consider some citizens to be right, loyal, fit, and others - deserving of harassment, insult and blame only for a different opinion. But what about those supporters whose values ​​and priorities will change over time - can they also be dumped? Are these the very liberal values ​​that the opposition constantly pokes at us with? 

It turns out that you can’t express your opinion without coordination with the opposition leader, you need to be silent, look around, fear that you may not coincide with the opinion of the liberal minority. If you are not a supporter of Navalny, if your thoughts are different from the opinions of Navalny, different from the agenda of the opposition, then you are an enemy. According to the oppositionist, the world should only be white, there can be no other shades in it, there can be no other that is not pleasing to him. You see, yes? Liberals are so liberal that they dictate how others should behave. No variability of opinion, no discussion, debate or dialogue. Only a monologue of a single person.

If you are a real man, Alexei Anatolyevich, meet with those whom you called lackeys and the shame of the country. Face to face, tell them everything you think. Do you have the courage, Navalny, to personally blame the country for betraying the people who defended it, and not just shook the tongue, which, unlike you, did it, fearing for their lives, and not for lost subscribers on social networks.

This is not the opposition’s first major public crap. There are simply borders that cannot be crossed.

Years of risk and a career as a politician should have already taught Navalny that you need to be able to apologize, take responsibility, take your words back, repent when you're wrong. Lied, talked, stepped over.

I really hope that this time he will have to answer for his words. And, yes, if one of the liberals again starts to find fault with the concept of freedom of speech and insists, “that this is just a tweet,” I advise him to re-read Navalny’s message again. Hate speech should be punished. And if a person does not understand social censure, is generally poorly educated, then he must be punished by depriving him of the most important value system - the ruble.

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