Ordinary manager arrest arrests "employee corona negative" lie advertisement? Osaka June 3, 18:54

The police arrested the store managers for operating a sex shop in Hirakata, Osaka, where the business was prohibited. The store was open even while a leave request was issued due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and it was said that "employees confirmed negative in the test" and recruiting customers, so the police are investigating in detail I will.

Four were arrested, including Katsuya Hayase (63), the manager of the “Hoshi no Oujisama” customs store in Hirakata, Osaka, who was said to have been operating illegally in areas where business in front of the station was prohibited last month. There is a suspicion of violation of business law.

According to the investigation, out of the 4 people, 3 of them, including the store manager Hayase, admitted the charges.

Prior to the arrest, police searched the store with face shields and masks to prevent infection.

According to the investigation so far, the store was temporarily closed after the emergency was declared, but after that, the store was restarted from the middle of last month before the Osaka prefecture's request for suspension was lifted.

During this period, he said on the website that he said, "As a result of a virus test, all employees were found to be negative, so we will resume business."

On many days, more than 60 guests visited, and some said that they came to our homepage and felt secure, so even though the police weren't actually undergoing inspections, I'm investigating that I was promoting a lie in order to collect.