While her first novel, "The dresser with colored drawers", comes out this Wednesday in bookstores, Olivia Ruiz explains to the microphone of Europe 1 that the first draft of her work was sent to publishers by her agent without her knowing it. know. 


We knew that he had a talent for song, not for writing. And yet Olivia Ruiz has just released this Wednesday her Wednesday her first novel, The chest of drawers of colors . A critically acclaimed work for which 10 publishers have fought, and a success already announced. "When you are a singer, you expect a little bit worse because there is a priori, but it's a nice surprise" reacts Olivia Ruiz this Wednesday at the microphone of "L'Équipée sauvage", on Europe 1 .

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A project secretly sent to publishers

Surprising all the more crazy that the first draft of her novel was sent to publishing houses without "[s] we consent." Some time ago, my agent came across one of my short stories entitled like the novel. But it was a project that I had abandoned to go on tour "says the singer." And when she got her hands on it, she told me that it was the right time to finish it. " 

The writing therefore resumes its course when "two chapters from the end, she tells me to send it to publishers. But I did not feel ready, I told myself that the costume was too big and I wondered what legitimacy I could have. " It is therefore in the greatest secrecy that "the rascal" sent the novel to ten publishers and was content to put Olivia Ruiz in copy of the response mails to warn her.

A colossal print for a first novel

Answers which must have been unanimous since JC Lattès decided to publish it at 80,000 copies. A figure well above the norm, the average circulation in France being below 5,000 copies according to several specialized sites. One more proof that the publishing house is sure to see its new protégé on the shelves of bookstores, and soon in the libraries of readers.