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June 3, 2020

Halle Berry supports immigrant whose store was destroyed

Halle Berry called on fans to support an octogenarian immigrant whose store was destroyed during the riots on the sidelines of the protests in honor of George Floyd. Ned Harounian has indeed lost his store, burned and ransacked, and his son set up a GoFundMe page, shared by the actress on Twitter.

An immigrant business owner in his 80s had his Melrose store looted then burned, and his recently deceased wife's jewelry stolen. Things are crazy right now, but I hope we can all take a minute to help this man out !! Donate if you can. ❤️ https://t.co/4WSbFts9kN? pic.twitter.com/AgjqEaZjs9

- Halle Berry (@halleberry) June 1, 2020

“A man over 80 lost his store in Melrose, which was looted and burned, and the jewelry of his deceased wife was stolen. Things are crazy right now, but I hope we can take a few minutes to help this man. Give what you can, ”she posted.

For now, the GoFundMe page has $ 50,000 of the $ 75,000 donation requested.

Emily Ratajkowski attacks those who do the “bare minimum” against racism

For Emily Ratajkowski, it is hypocritical to put a black square on her Instagram or Facebook page to participate in Blackout Tuesday if one does nothing more.

So easy to post a black square. I'm seeing people who haven't posted in YEARS come on to post a black square. Your silence was embarrassing and now you can feel good about yourself while doing the bare minimum. This is the worst kind of virtual signaling. (1)

- Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) June 2, 2020

“It's so easy to post a black square. I see people who have not posted for years posting a black square. Your silence was embarrassing and now you feel good when you are only doing the bare minimum. It's the worst way to recover from a fight, ”wrote the model on Twitter.

Worse, this contributes to making the information relayed by Black Lives Matter invisible when using the movement's hashtag and not the one dedicated to Blackout Tuesday. “The mass media do not blackout, neither does MAGA. Clogging up the only good source of information and communication does not help, ”she adds.

Olivier Rousteing marches in Paris against racism

Olivier Rousteing participated in a march against racism this Tuesday in Paris. Balmain's art director marched in mask, carrying a Black Lives Matter sign, and demanding justice for Adama Traoré, as well as for George Floyd.

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Paris 06.2.2020 we are all together 🖤 @blklivesmatter #justicepouradama #justiceforgeorgefloyd

A post shared by OLIVIER R. (@olivier_rousteing) on ​​Jun 2, 2020 at 12:47 pm PDT

"It is such a strange time for our world. We have been in quarantine for two months, and now that we are finally "free", we see that freedom is not for everyone. And why ? The pigmentation of our skin? I do not know where I come from because I was adopted and I do not know my biological parents. Two years ago, I discovered where I came from: Ethiopia and Somalia, two beautiful countries, but I was born and raised in France. I am proud of my origins and we must all be proud of where we come from and not let anyone belittle us or prevent us from breathing, ”the legendary creator posted a photo of him at the event.


Death of George Floyd: "The police particularly target minorities, in France as in the United States"

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