China News Service Client, Beijing, June 4th (Reporter Shangguan Yun) When a person is 75 years old, what should be his attitude towards life? Love life and curiosity about new things, this is the answer given by actor Madward.

  In the 82 edition of "Journey to the West", he portrayed the image of piggy bajie, who was so stern, and became a classic that many viewers couldn't surpass. A few days ago, Madhwa was invited to participate in the charity activities of "Live Streaming Store", and he interacted with everyone cheerfully, calling on people to read more books and pay more attention to physical bookstores.

Data map: Ma Hua. Photo courtesy of the New Century of the Yangtze River

  Seeing his iconic smile, many netizens also "enter the drama" in a second, as if they had returned to the time when the whole family watched "Journey to the West" together many years ago. In fact, Mr. Edward has also tried to make movies and acted in plays, and has always enjoyed it.

  What is his artistic life?

Reporting to the Beijing Opera Student Class

  In 1945, Madhwa was born into a civilian family. In the early years, their parents came to Beijing from their family in Shandong. From the beginning, they lived by doing odd jobs and doing small businesses.

  "My father likes martial arts very much. When I was a child, I was naughty. When people were very thin, he let me practice martial arts." There is no time for naughty things."

  Slowly, Madonna fell in love with Peking Opera again. Among his neighbors, there is an old worker who also likes Madhua very much and often takes him to the theater. Ma Dehua was deeply attracted by the marvelous stage, and even missed the opportunity to become a dancer and drama actor.

  Because he wanted to learn drama, he and the son of the martial arts teacher secretly applied for the student class of the Chinese Peking Opera Theater at that time. With his martial arts skills, he was successfully selected. ."

  "It's hard to insist on doing one thing and needs motivation." In retrospect, Madhovah was grateful for this process of accumulating artistic experience. "In life, you will encounter all kinds of Kaner, walk past, and then Encounter a new Kaner, this is how life is."

From Peking Opera to Kunqu Opera

  However, just as he was working hard to realize his dream, fate made a joke with Ma Dehua: the Chinese Peking Opera House was to be merged with the North Kunqu Opera Theatre. The latter has relatively few young actors, including a group of young students including him Was transferred to Beikun to study Kunqu.

Mad hua. Picture from "Energy"

  Because he had never been in contact with Kunqu Opera before, Madhua once felt repulsive, but he really came to the Kunqu Opera Theatre. Through continuous learning and understanding, he was deeply convinced by this art.

  On the stage, Kunqu Opera pays attention to being silent, singing and dancing. Here, the first play of Madeleine is "Shuangxiashan". As the years passed, under the guidance of the teacher, he gradually became an excellent Kunqu actor.

  Listen more, read more and learn more. This is what the teacher often said to him when he was in the drama school. "I like drama and my personality is more active. When I have something new, I am willing to learn and try."

  He failed to play Wu Sheng as he wished, but became an ugly actor. He quickly figured out a way to shape a small person, often making the audience laugh.

  How to become a qualified actor, Mr. Edwards has his own theory, "We often say that the belly of a cross talk actor is a grocery store. In fact, all actors are counted like sponges, and those sister arts and good things must be absorbed. Come on yourself."

Snooze but cute "Second Brother"

  Also because of his willingness to try, Madward soon ushered in a turning point in art: at that time, CCTV was planning to film the TV series "Journey to the West", and the crew was recruiting actors. A friend told him the news and suggested "going to try".

  He seized the opportunity. After a strict interview, he was finally chosen to play Pig Bajie. But after being happy for a while, when I really wanted to film, Madward felt that "the pressure is high", "It takes a lot of effort to match the image of the pig Bajie in the audience's mind."

Data map: Madhwa interacts with college students. Photo by Tuobo

  "I chatted with the teacher of the opera, and then read the original book and find the feeling. The teacher told me not to mislead Pig Bajie and don't act dirty." For this, Ma Dehua pondered for a long time, how to look lazy and greedy "Second Brother" acted more cutely.

  He devoted a lot of effort to shaping the characters, "Zhu Bajie is also smart, for example, the monster becomes a false Tang monk, no one can see it. Ba Jie immediately realized, saying that you only have to give up the headache, I know who It’s true who is fake. So let the two Tang monks read the curse together, and the one that won’t read is the monster. This shows that he observes life very carefully.”

  As a result, the audience saw a "Second Brother" who encountered difficulties and clamored for baggage separation, but was always positive, even if he was about to be thrown into the pan by the monster, he also said "Brother Monkey Will come to save me", greedy to snooze, but still upright and lovely.

  "To put it bluntly, Zhu Bajie is more like a member of our people, that is, ordinary people, he is not a fairy. I think the qualified Zhu Bajie should have such a positioning, so that it will not be too disgusting to watch." He said.

The hard work and sweat behind the classics

  The attempt of Madward was successful. After the broadcast of Journey to the West, the response was enthusiastic. In the more than thirty years since then, it has been continuously rebroadcast. The humble "Second Brother" has become the same classic as other characters.

  It was also after this TV series became popular that the audience knew how much hard work the crew led by Yang Jie had filmed. "Humans, there is no heaven that looks like pig bajie. I have to put on a "model". Once I put it on, my face won't move. If I want to show "laughs", it depends on the eyes and the mouth. . "Ma Dehua recalled.

  At that time, make-up became a particularly troublesome thing. Pig Bajie had to wear a mask, and he had to wear a thick fake belly. In summer, it was covered with several layers of quilts, which was very hot, and the make-up was full of vulcanization. The pungent smell of latex.

Mad hua. Picture from "Energy"

  Eating has also become a problem. At noon, others went to dinner, because the masks of Pig Bajie and Sun Wukong could not be removed, he and the six young children left behind to "look at the pile", the two looked for a seat, you look at me, I look at you, live like two This statue became a "spectacle" of the crew.

  In addition, the two big ears of Zhu Bajie in the play should be wiped and removed with alcohol cotton. As a result, the ears are all small pimples. The next day the pimples are broken. Paste a piece of makeup paper and then apply glue to the top. Put your ears on.

  Day after day, after two or three years of filming, Madward felt that the temple piece was like a layer of leather, which could not be scraped with a knife, and then slowly washed away.

  "You said it's bitter and bitter, but none of us felt at the time." In the crew, one of the things Madhua is most happy about every day is to watch the replay after finishing work, "Actor's filming is always bitter, tired. If you want to complain, don't do it."

"Art is like life"

  A "Journey to the West" has made Madhua famous and made him embark on a broader artistic path. In addition to singing operas and making TV dramas, he also tried acting in dramas and making movies, and also published a book "Energy", which is fun.

Data picture: Madhwa was at the launch of the new book "Energy". Photo courtesy of the New Century of the Yangtze River

  "I'm also an opera actor. Operas pay attention to procedural movements, but they also have something in common with filming TV shows. They all have to have an understanding and know how to deal with the details." Learn from.

  Last year, he starred in Mr. Lao She’s comedy "Face Problem" as the chief of the small bureaucracy Tong. He was quite satisfied with his performance. "I especially like to watch drama. I am willing to watch the drama of Beijing Arts. I secretly learn it. I always wanted to act in the drama. Later, I finally did it. It is the first show on the theater stage."

  At the end of May this year, he opened his first live webcast. He was invited to talk to everyone about bookstores and reading books. "In the past, live performances were just going up and performing (programs). This is different. I have to answer questions temporarily and be a little nervous to tell the truth."

  However, the results of the live broadcast proved that Madward’s worries were completely unnecessary. “I chat with everyone. The bookstore I went to when I was a kid was the Xinhua Bookstore, especially the one near Wangfujing. Once I entered, it was like a sea of ​​books.”

  "The bookstore is a place to absorb nutrition." The first time he watched Gai Tiantian's "Fen Mo Chun Qiu" was in the book store, looking for an unobstructed place to flip through the book and looked fascinated. "Now the epidemic is better. I think it’s good to go to the physical bookstore to cultivate the soul."

  This year, Madonna was just 75 years old. In the morning, I wake up in the yard and work with the flowers and plants, write and draw, go out for a walk, and arrange it all day and night. I still have curiosity about new things, and I will learn from the children how to use vibrato, fast hands, etc.

  After being an actor for decades, people often ask Mr. Ma how to understand art. He said that art is just like life, a person has to experience various things in his life, "art, is also'to smooth the road up and down, to fight hard and start again': encounter a character, what difficulties are overcome , That's all." (End)