In just one day, Brazil registered 1,262 corona deaths, a new negative record. This emerges from the data of the Ministry of Health in Brasília on Tuesday evening (local time). In March, the first coronavirus-related death was reported in Brazil, a 62-year-old man. Since then, so many infected people have never died in a single day.

The total number of people who died in connection with Covid 19 disease rose in the largest country in Latin America to 31,199. A total of around 210 million people live in Brazil. The Ministry reported another 28,936 cases of new infections - a total of 555,383 people who have contracted the corona virus and who have been officially registered.

According to data from the US University of Johns Hopkins, Brazil continues to rank fourth in the number of fatalities and number two in the number of the worst affected countries in the number of infected people. Only the USA are affected even more.

The real number of deaths could be much higher

However, most experts assume that many more people are infected with the corona virus in Brazil and that the number of deaths related to the virus could also be significantly higher. For one thing, tests are missing and many people who show symptoms of the disease are not tested. On the other hand, the evaluation in the laboratories always lags behind in time.

And then there are still many people in Brazil, especially in the Amazon regions, who belong to indigenous peoples. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, they have been withdrawing ever deeper into the forests and have inadequate access to medical care, let alone official tests. Scientific studies therefore suggest that the number of infected people is at least seven times higher than previously known.

São Paulo alone, with more than 40 million people the most populous state in Brazil, registered 6,999 new corona infections and 327 deaths related to the corona virus on Tuesday, which was also a negative record for the 24-hour period. Governor João Doria had ordered measures to restrict public life, but a plan to gradually loosen and open up the economy is now also in place.