This month the first public exhibition of a young adult organism, olms, also referred to as "cavernous salamander" or "little dragon", opens in Slovenia. According to the British newspaper, "The Guardian".

From June 8, mysterious cave creatures will be on display at the well-known Postojna Cave in Slovenia.

These worm-like creatures can survive for 100 years, puzzling scientists for their ability to preserve their young characteristics throughout their lives.

According to the newspaper, this object can live for 100 years, despite being blind and beating its heart twice a minute.

The cavernous salamander is characterized by the ability to regrow its limbs if it is lost.

The "cavernous salamanders" sleep and eat and breathe under the water, and they are considered mysterious to scientists.

Cavernous salamanders have the ability to survive without food for a decade, and the adult species is about 30 cm long.

A laboratory in Slovenia, after finding the eggs of the creature, succeeded in making it hatch after 120 days, when it had 22 animals in its possession.