Ko Seok-jin, who is well-known as a dedicated bodyguard of Wanna One, who disbanded in 2018, has released an anecdote that overthrew his wild fans overseas.

In the MBC every1'Video Star' that was broadcast yesterday (2nd), Ko Seok-jin, a security member called Wanna One's 13th member, appeared. On this day's broadcast, Mr. Go, who showed his extraordinary affection for Wanna One, chose the overseas schedule with Wanna One member Jae-Hwan Kim as the most memorable episode.  

Normally, Wanna One said that it was not easy to go outside because there were a lot of sketchy fans following the overseas schedule.
"The manager and Jae-Hwan Kim are similar in body shape, so I changed them into that outfit," said Ko Seok-jin. Fans confessed that the manager followed the car, and Kim Jae-hwan sneaked into the trunk with Go and was able to go out safely (?).
Go also said, "Kim Jae-hwan was able to go out safely, but the manager said he was almost hit by fans later." 

During the Wanna One activity, Kyung-Joo Ko's bodyguard brought attention to the members with sincere care and the friendly chemistry of the members. Among fans, it is nicknamed'Mr. Deer' and it became popular enough to create an official fan account on SNS.
Go said that this popularity is "too ugly," and even when admiring the artists who are currently dedicated to the broadcast on this day, MC's "I know why fans are loved" admire the meticulous action to name all fandoms. I did.

(Photo = MBC every1 video star broadcast screen capture, Swing Entertainment)