"Mr. Jiyong, have you seen the world of a couple? I had a hard time thinking about old days. I saw it for a while, but I couldn't see it anymore."

"Don't you see the couple's world? It's not just stimulating dramas. People's psychological flow is really three-dimensional and realistic. It seems to see the complex psychology of people they meet in the office."

'No, what kind of drama is it that everyone is so upset about?'

Clients, fellow doctors, acquaintances. I couldn't postpone watching the drama anymore because of the stories coming in and out of the office. The world of the couple, who started watching the video after paying for a long time after the first broadcast began, was really ... shocking.

It was the words of fellow doctors. All the characters in the drama seemed to have been met in the clinic. People who have been hurt by their spouse's affairs, those who are being cheated, those who are in the process of divorce, those who suffer from the divorce storm, those who are unmarried, those who are trapped in trauma, and so on. The word "it's going to be too difficult" comes out of his mouth. He was a teen child Junyoung who is changing in the wind of divorce from his parents. Why was I most concerned about this child?

As I watched Junyoung in the drama quietly, I remembered a child I met as an inpatient in the hospital during my major. Perhaps Junyoung and her child are overlapping. He was about the same age, living with a single parent after his parents' divorce, and even the fact that his parents were doctors. A child who had no abnormalities before the family collapsed was even treated for hospitalization with symptoms of severe depression, binge eating, and vomiting disorders after repeated divorce from his parents.

The treatment process was not smooth. This is because the heart was hurt. I wasn't cooperative in counseling, and I couldn't open the child's closed mind. I hardly remember what conversation I had now. In fact, the conversation itself was rare. But even now, almost 10 years later, the reason that the child comes to mind clearly is that there has been quite a big incident. After a few weeks as a doctor, there was one symptom I didn't know about, but it was a wall. It was late that it was stolen hundreds of thousands of won's worth of snacks at the canteen in the hospital during the hospital stay. I was also very embarrassed because it was my first experience, and I felt a lot of disappointment and betrayal.

But when I saw Junyoung in the couple's world, I suddenly had this idea. It's hard to name my feelings of disappointment and betrayal. Because the child will be infinitely small compared to the size of the emotion that the adults felt. The words I warmly handed to the wounded child would have been inadequate to fill the child's sense of loss. It would have been natural for me not to hear.

It wasn't true later, but the child didn't eat most of the stolen snacks. I gave it to other patients, or I hid it in a corner of the bed. This also overlapped with Junyoung in the drama. What did the wall mean to this child?

From a psychoanalytic point of view, it can be interpreted in various ways. The moment you steal things without others noticing may have been the only moment you felt control in your crumbling life. Perhaps it was an unconscious revenge to show more ruined and emotional pain to parents who ruined themselves. Or, perhaps by showing a more anxious look, the parents' attention may have been turned to themselves, and the hope that the family could be reunited may have been hidden. Or perhaps all of these hypotheses were addicted to a wall of walls that would make you feel at ease at a time when you couldn't find a reason to live so depressingly. Of course, I don't know the correct answer. At that time, I couldn't go deeper into the child's heart.

Whatever is the psychological cause of the symptoms of the wall, the fact is that none of these symptoms existed before divorce. The children I met at the hospital, and Junyoung in the drama are all victims of Amon because of their parents' divorce.

Of course, not all divorced families have this problem. You may be able to avoid the mistakes you have made because of family problems. There are many children who overcome well without any problems. Noeul, who appears as another child of a divorced family in the drama, also witnesses Junyoung's wall, and exclaims. "If you do this, all the children in your single-parent household will be swearing!"

Even if it was due to the divorce of the parents, viewers' criticisms of Jun-young, who criticized Jun-young, often showed that the emotional upheaval was so severe and that it was hard to understand how to commit misconduct.

However, everyone wants to know that children who have divorced their parents are more difficult than they think adults are.

For children who have not yet completed their ego and are not psychologically independent to live alone, the collapse of the family is literally a simultaneous collapse of themselves and the world. Above all, it is anxiety and fear. In this unstable condition, any symptoms may occur. The wall is just one of them.

And, unfortunately, everyone wants to know that the aftermath of the shock doesn't end briefly, and that it often lasts a lifetime.

So I loved the couple's world. It was nice to portray the complex psychology and behavior of those in need. This strong stimulation will keep people's brains intact. You will understand the pain of the people around you a little better based on your memory.

The child I met in my major was now an adult. How do you live now? Have you ever seen the world of a couple? If you saw it, did you remember the time you were in the same space as me? I would like to be the first to say that I am sorry that I was not able to help you well when I was too short if I could convey my heart to the child.

I hope that the door of the mind that has been closed over time has gradually opened, and that someone who embraced the warmth came through the gap, is now free from the wounds of the past, and is making a new life.

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