Wrapper Giri Boy was controversial when she posted a photo of the comforting victim's grandmother on social media and wrote "I thought she was an anchor."

On the 28th, Kiriboy shared the YTN news screen in his SNS story and wrote "I thought there were three anchors." In the photo he uploaded, there was a news report on the appearance of the press conference of the comfort woman victim Lee Yong-su.

Kiriboy deleted the photos in question soon after the netizens pointed out. After a day, on the 29th, he posted on SNS and said, "I'm sorry for worrying about everything that has happened recently. I apologize for being too light and recklessly posting on my SNS that many people see." .

"I didn't intend to mock at all, and I usually watch the news occasionally, but I uploaded it without any thoughts, and then I deleted it immediately after knowing what it was," he said. I tried to take the medicine and tried it, but there were behaviors that exceeded the limit. ”

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)