Immediately before the entrance ceremony, a sudden job offer was canceled ... New Coronavirus March 31 20:57

A woman who had graduated from a well-known private university in Tokyo this spring and was expected to work for an apparel company was suddenly canceled her job offer last week just before the entrance ceremony due to the new coronavirus. On March 31, just before the new year, she was interviewed by a career center at a university and interviewed a major consumer electronics retailer. Overcoming the situation where the job offer was canceled just before I joined the company, I started my career as a member of society. I was pleased to say, "I'm really relieved. I want to do my best even if I face difficulties."

Sudden email

This month, a 22-year-old woman who graduated from a famous private university in Tokyo with a four-year system, she received a job offer from an apparel company whose headquarters in Tokyo was her first aspirations. Suddenly, an email was sent on July 27 stating that the offer was canceled.

According to the woman, the company had 25 job candidates, and when they contacted a LINE group, other members received an email notifying them of the cancellation. The company commented on the NHK interview, saying, "I can't answer at all."

The woman suddenly canceled the offer, but contacted the company, but could not contact the HR representative, saying, `` I was angry with the fine weather, but I am full of anxiety about how to live from now on. '' I consulted with the university.

Rush interview and ...

After consulting with the university's career center to find a place to accept, the electronics retailer 'Nojima' will conduct a job interview on the 31st, and the woman is in a recruit suit since last year's job hunting job So, I visited the head office of Yokohama city.

The interview was held for about 30 minutes, and the director of the new graduate recruitment officer asked about motivation and criteria for choosing a job, and the woman said, `` I was appetite industry aspirant, but at the same hospitality consumer electronics mass retailer I offered a useful proposal for customers. I want to do that. "

As a result, she was notified of the job offer on the spot, filled in the required documents, etc.

A recruitment interview conducted on the day before the entrance ceremony. The letter of informal offer was not special and was written to other students last year at the stage of offering the offer, saying, "I pray that the student life before joining the company is meaningful." Was spelled out.

"I want to do my best with this experience."

Also, before the interview, President Hiroshima Nojima visited the interview room with a surprise and said, "I want this to be a turning point in my life", and the woman was nervous, "Thank you. I was responding with a look.

Just five days before the entrance ceremony, the new job offer was canceled after a job offer was canceled, and a woman who experienced an unusual situation said, "I was interviewed in the tension that there was no more time left. This experience has made me a bit mentally tough. I think there will be difficulties in the future, but I would like to do my best without dying. "