A series of consultations on cancellation of job offer and hiring stoppages A dedicated telephone consultation counter on March 30 12:11

Since the spread of the new coronavirus, the association has set up a dedicated telephone counseling service from the 30th.

On the 30th, eight telephone lines were set up at the headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and when we started accepting consultations at 10 am, telephone calls started all at once.

In this spring, the daughter of her mother who graduated from college was revoked from her job offer after consultation with her mother. He advised him to consult with the nearby Labor Standards Inspection Office immediately, saying that even if the management deteriorated due to the new coronavirus, easy cancellation was not allowed.

In addition, a male contract worker in the retail industry received a consultation saying that he would cancel the contract by the end of next month by the end of this month, and the company said that it is not allowed to terminate the contract midway without prior consultation. Advised that they should seek employment and pay wages until next month.

"We have found that many people are worried about employment and wages. Was.

Telephone consultation numbers are 0120-052-592 and are available from 10am to 2.30pm on the 30th and 31st.