Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that Canada is not currently planning to use the military to assist in efforts to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus, although this option is still on the table.

Canada's 10 provinces declared a state of emergency and ordered residents to stay in their homes. According to statistics announced by the Territories and compiled by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the number of HIV infections rose from 5,655 on Saturday to 6,280, while the number of deaths rose from 61 to 63.

When asked about the possibility of deploying troops to assist the province of Quebec or any other provinces in dealing with the virus, Trudeau did not seem committed to that.

"At the moment, no one has made a specific request in this regard, and there are no plans currently for the armed forces to conduct operations in Canada," Trudeau said at a press conference.

However, he later added, "We have not closed the door to any scenario."

In the province of Quebec, about half of the total number of people infected with HIV in Canada.

Trudeau has been speaking outside his residence in Ottawa, where he has lived since tests have proven his wife, Sophie, is infected with the Coronavirus.