An Egyptian doctor working throughout the week topped the American media reports, praising her efforts in the American newspaper "New York Post", given her efforts in combating the coronary virus outbreak Corona (Covid-19) without a break, and even described her as "the heroine", as well as ABC channel NEWS.

The doctor, "Nermin Boutros," works more than 80 hours a week at Brooklyn Hospital, where the head of the House of Representatives works in the internal medicine department at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, and since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, she has been working continuously without returning home.

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Peter's efforts as the main medical resident of the hospital's medical center come and oversees the training of dozens of doctors, and she told the New York Post that she had to stay in the hospital because some doctors could not make a decision on his own and needed another opinion or advice on how to deal with Patient with coronavirus.

"Some of the newly graduated doctors or during the training period are afraid of dealing with patients, so she prefers to stay by herself, and the 35-year-old doctor receives calls until 3 am," she says, "It is not only about medical information, but because the situation is serious For all of us, so trained doctors are afraid of getting sick and afraid of death. "
The Egyptian doctor explained that the whole situation is new, including the steps of the new administration, the disease and what the virus is or how to deal with it, so everyone has questions, and I in turn will be there to answer them, help and support them.

When the first coronavirus (Covid-19) patient came to the hospital, the situation was difficult to describe, especially since they did not know the appropriate examination for them or how to deal with them, as well as the inability of the trained doctors to conduct tests for suspected cases, so she was implementing them on her own.

The doctor, who was born in Egypt, has been working for 6 weeks, usually she leaves home around 5 am, and returns to the hospital at nine in the morning, but finds her happiness, which underestimates the hard work hours after she feels the help of many patients and this is what motivates her to wake up the next day to continue her duties as a doctor in Save more and more, "Seeing a patient getting better, is invaluable and also helping your colleagues overcome their fear."

The media estimate of the Egyptian doctor was not limited to the New York Post, she also appeared in an on-air interview via ABC news, and published Peter on her personal account, commenting, "The simple girl coming from Egypt has become the talk of the American media."