In light of the outbreak of the new Corona virus (COFED-19), which forced the world to change many of its habits and behaviors in the context of fighting the epidemic, the term social divergence appeared, which relates to the need to maintain a safe distance between the person and those around him, and to ensure that he does not come in contact with any As impersonal as possible, in order to avoid catching a virus infection.

A researcher at the American company, "Google" for Internet services, created an electronic application that can identify body measurements, and thus the user avoids the need to measure clothes himself while shopping.

And the website «Tech Explore» stated that the application, which was created by the researcher Jason Mayes, can identify the dimensions or measurements of the user’s body as soon as it is fed electronically to him.

In order to run the application, the user records his length inside the program, then stands in front of an Internet camera to perform a quick scan of his body, and sends the image electronically to the application, which automatically determines the basic measurements of the body, such as the width of the chest and waist, then introduces the user to the exact measurements of his body, if it is Wants to buy a shirt, pants, dress, and other clothing. Mayes stressed that the application provides a "very easy" way to choose clothes sizes without the need to touch the same clothes in the shops, especially in these days when everyone is keen to avoid contact with anything outside their homes, in order to avoid infection with the "Corona" virus.

A way to choose clothes without having to touch clothes.

The app was created by Google researcher Jason Mayes.