We can no longer touch each other, we can not visit our grandfathers and grandmothers and we can certainly not visit the sick. What the Netherlands is doing en masse: bring a bit of cheerfulness behind glass with crafts and encouraging texts, and pavement chalk arcs appear everywhere on the sidewalks.

There is the bear hunt, where the Dutch hide a teddy bear behind the window. Children walk through the neighborhood and hunt with a map.

There is #heelhollandplakt, an initiative of Jeroen Heemskerk from Lisse, who saw how his bulb village did not brighten up with flower parades and tourists for the first time this spring. Heemskerk: "At school, children would now put sun on the window. We now also do that in Lisse. I am not a craft king at all, but the village is brightening up!"

Within six days, 17,000 people were in the Facebook group Heel Holland Plakt. Everyone there shares his or her artwork. And SIRE announced #daslief, with which the foundation wants to inspire others to do something "sweet" for their environment and "thereby further increase the sense of togetherness".

A call to show photos of your decorated window or sidewalk made for a richly filled mailbox at NU.nl:

Sylvester (10) Stefano (10) and Jaylynn (6) from Grave painted a rainbow on the window.

Marcus from Utrecht was creative with post-its.

Suzanne and her daughter Elora painted a rainbow with a unicorn on their window in Maarssen.

Expat Hyacinth Viaje made a flyer in three languages ​​with her son.

Emma Amersfoort from Houten wrote a note for her neighbors in the nursing home.

The window of Paula van der Dulk from Hillegom.

There is also pasted in Germany. This window is from Lotte Wouters in Hamburg.

Martine van Went's daughter from Noordwijkerhout goes crazy with sidewalk chalk.

Bibi and Bas from Hillegom have spring fever.

The teachers and masters of a primary school in Helmond miss their students. ( Photo: Nicole van Hout )

And the children of Nicole van Hout from Helmond miss their teachers and masters .

Fun ultrasounds should disappoint a lot of pregnant women and their partners. To cheer them up, owner Ria van der Meer made of
More Echoes 4 fun in Maassluis this heart of echoes on the window.

Lyana is almost six, but her parties can't go through. So her mother Mariette Sassen from Lelystad started a ticket campaign on Facebook, and thanks the postman for the extra work he has to do.

The children of Peter de Waard from Waspik support passers-by with painted T-shirts.

The cheerful window of the Tennissen family, brightened up by daughters Anne, Jasmijn and Babet.

Jo Willekes from Zaandam reminds passers-by to keep smiling.

Ramona Weijenborg from Doorwerth decorated her window and hid a bear for bear hunting.

Sylvia de Bood from Hilversum drew a big heart on her doorstep.

Marjan Jager lets her neighbor Wil know that she will not be forgotten.

The children of Jennifer Bakker from Grijpskerk decorate their street with rainbows and hearts.