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Have you already wrung out all the video platforms? You still have online media libraries! The city of Nîmes (Gard) and the metropolis of Montpellier (Hérault) offer residents, to occupy themselves during this period of confinement to fight against Covid-19, free subscriptions to their online libraries. Books, films or educational games are available.

The metropolis of Montpellier thus offers, for a month (since Wednesday) a subscription to the digital resources of its network of media libraries. All residents of the 31 municipalities are entitled to it, by sending proof of address.

Books, films, magazines…

Are accessible 4,000 books, 3,435 films, 2,542 documentaries, 1,491 journals, 1,208 various courses, languages ​​or computer science, or 700,000 heritage documents, for those passionate about science or history. To register, go here.

#SaveLivesLestonsChezNous #DestinationCulture
🏙️ Do you live in one of the 31 municipalities of the Montpellier Metropolis?
🖥️Enjoy now a free one-month subscription to the online resources of the media library network!
👉More info: https://t.co/ArvVHA1EzU pic.twitter.com/Ecb1KgGSN5

- Montpellier3m (@ Montpellier3m) March 25, 2020

In Nîmes, the town also offers a selection of resources, updated regularly, such as lessons and exercises in school support and educational games to learn foreign languages, stories and interactive stories for children, but also more 500 films. Meet here.

Part of the platform is currently only accessible to subscribers, but the city indicates that "the exceptional opening, without prior membership, for one month, for Nîmes who request it, is in development course ”.


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