(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Directly hit the first batch of more than 800 returnees from Hubei to Beijing: "Welcome you home"

China News Agency, Beijing, March 25th, title: Directly hit the first batch of more than 800 returnees from Hubei to Beijing: "Welcome you home"

China News Agency reporter Du Yan

At 17:40, the G488 train carrying about 260 people returning from Hubei entered Beijing West Railway platform. The door opened and the passengers came out surrounded by the voice of "Welcome you home!"

They were the first wave of arrivals among the first two trains and more than 800 people who arrived in Hubei from Beijing on the afternoon of the 25th.

"At noon on the 24th, starting from 00:00 on the 25th, the news that the area outside Wuhan was lifted from the control of the Hubei Channel was immediately applied for a" return to Beijing service "from the" Beijing Heart Assistance "applet on WeChat." Among the crowd, Ms. Xiao stopped to wait for her husband who returned to Beijing together. She said that the family of three returned to Huangshi, Hubei on January 21 for the Spring Festival. This time, they returned to Beijing with their husbands and left their children in their hometown temporarily.

She said that the outbreak had been known in Wuhan when she left Beijing, but she did not expect the epidemic to develop so quickly and spread so widely. After the city was closed in Wuhan, it became particularly nervous and anxious. One day later, Huangshi also closed the city. "For a period of time, my mood was ups and downs, I do n’t know what to do, I did n’t dare to go out at home." The epidemic situation is under control, and I will check in every day in Jingxinxiangzhu. My body has always been normal. I received the news of being able to return to Beijing yesterday (24th). I want to cry.

She said that the staff of Huangshi took them to the car and sent them a packet of food and drink, warming their hearts. In the car, the passengers sat apart, and she was not worried about wearing a mask.

"(We) will strictly isolate at home, after all, so many people have paid for the epidemic to be brought under control." She said that a community worker in Beijing had contacted her on the morning of the 25th and informed that she would assist in shopping for vegetables, receiving courier services, and taking out garbage. And other matters, "I am very at ease and at ease."

At 18:30, Mr. Liu and his family wearing protective clothing appeared eye-catching among the crowd returning to Beijing on the second special train. Mr. Liu, whose sweat was seeping from his forehead, told reporters that at 4 am on the 25th, he heard a beep on his mobile phone and saw the news that he could return to Beijing. He got up and started packing directly.

Mr. Liu said that he still felt that everything was unreal when he got on the train. "I saw that going back to Beijing required a lot of levels. The process was very complicated. I didn't expect to see the news that we can return to Beijing on March 24th. We spent a few minutes filling out the application on the Internet, and received confirmation in less than a day. Message. "

On January 23, Mr. Liu's family of three returned to Xiangyang, Hubei, from Beijing to visit relatives. "After a long holiday, I didn't have much impact on my work." He said who works for an Internet company in Zhongguancun.

The family of three walked into the pick-up hall from the special channel opened by Beijing West Railway Station. Here, the 16th districts of Beijing all sent special staff to pick up the station. The staff held up their signs and said "Haidian District, welcome you home" "Xicheng District, welcome you home" ... They found the staff in Xicheng District, After checking the information, signing up, and queuing, a person will guide you to the parking lot. After taking the body temperature, you will board a special car and go to the distribution center at the Guang'an Sports Center with other passengers.

At the distribution center, the street staff from the places where the people arrived in Hubei will send them to the door of the community one by one, and then the community workers will send them to the door of their home.

Tang Ping, a staff member from Xicheng District, introduced that the entire process of returning to Beijing was conducted in an organized and “point-to-point” manner, with closed-loop management throughout the process, seamless connection, and no blank spots.

He said that a total of more than 30 people arrived in Xicheng District after returning to Beijing this time. The follow-up community workers will be responsible for the daily management and control services of home observers, timely grasp the health status and living needs of home observers, and provide necessary services such as material procurement and psychological counseling. .

"You can have a good night's sleep tonight," said Mr. Liu, who was excited for more than five hours on the train and refused to take a nap. (Finish)