Singer Yang Jun-il has revealed a love story with his wife.

Yang Jun-il, who appeared on MBC's Bae Chul-soo Jam, said on the 2nd that he married in 2006 and celebrated his 15th anniversary. He explained how he first met his wife.

Yang Jun-il said, "I have run an English study room after V2 and have taught children, but I have not had a chance to meet adults."

"I decided to meet with my wife at the subway station, but I was just going to be disappointed. My wife had a cell phone, so I tried to go there because I had a busy day. And remembered the first meeting moment.

Yang Jun-il said, "I later worked as a singer, and my wife thought that 'Jang Mi-mi's strange person mimicking Michael Jackson,' and turned the channel." When I saw that, he asked me to give me a phone number. "

[Photo = MBC 'Bae Chul Soo Jam' Captured]

By Kang Sun-ae

(SBS funE Kang Sun-ae reporter)