Baptiste Giabiconi and Karl Lagerfeld in 2015. - Karl Lagerfeld and Baptiste Giabiconi

His muse, his lover, his spiritual son? Much has been said about the relationship that the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had with the young Baptiste Giabiconi for ten years. The two men were inseparable. "He wanted me to be his son in one way or another," said the model and singer in February in Sept à Huit about his famous mentor and their unique love story. From this privileged and platonic relationship, the model made a book of it, entitled Karl et moi.

His book generated many positive messages but also many homophobic comments on social networks. In an Instagram story, Baptiste Giabiconi did not fail to respond to these “haters” on Monday.

Screen capture of Baptiste Giabiconi's Instagram story. - Baptiste Giabiconi / Instagram

Baptiste Giabiconi writes: “Aren't you ashamed? Since the release of my book on my story with Karl I can read some horrors ... I always refused to enter a box, so continue to hide behind nicknames to vomit your homophobic insults! You disgust me and know that I will continue to make the fight against homophobia one of my biggest fights! Learn to love instead of hating! "What he signs" Baptiste G. "


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