Owner commercial law case Payment arrears to investors in the year before the bankruptcy February 19 5:06

In a case where the former representative of the `` Kefir Business Promotion Association '', which failed to collect and manage a large amount of money under the owner's commercial law, was arrested, many companies were forced to redeem the principal in the year before the bankruptcy. An interview with the Metropolitan Police Agency revealed that the payment was delayed. The Metropolitan Police Department has been investigating for years that it was in a state of so-called cycling.

Former president of the mail-order sales company "Kefir Business Promotion Association" in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Hideya Kaburagi (84) and nine other executives will pay about 10% interest in six months if they become owners of processed foods. He was arrested on the 18th for allegedly raising funds from an unspecified number of people without permission.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the company had been forced to redeem its principal by around November 2017, the year before the bankruptcy, and payment was delayed.

He explained to the investor that `` the system has malfunctioned '' etc., but the Metropolitan Police Department over the years was a so-called bicycle operation that used the funds obtained from one investor to pay another investor I think.

The Metropolitan Police Department has a policy of investigating the flow of funds and elucidating the actual situation.