The Italian city of Bologna celebrates in the Emirate of Sharjah, a guest of honor for the activities of the next session of the Bologna International Children's Book Expo 2020, which will be held during the period from March 30 to April 2 next in Bologna, Italy.

The emirate is preparing to participate in the most prominent event on the level of children's literature in the world, with a comprehensive program of events that includes dialogue sessions, interactive activities, and artistic and heritage shows, presenting the Emirati and Arab cultural experience at the level of books for young people and adolescents.

This came during a press conference organized by the exhibition management in Milan, Italy, during which the director of exhibitions and festivals at the Sharjah Book Authority Khawla Al-Majaini reviewed the Sharjah program in the exhibition, in the presence of the executive director of the "Bologna International Children's Book Fair" Antonio Pozzone, and the director of the Bologna International Book Fair Children Elena Pazoli, director of the Italian Publishers Association Alfieri Lawrenceon.

Al-Majaini stressed that the program is full of various activities and events, provided by an integrated team that includes more than 20 writers, artists, writers and publishers from the Emirates and the Arab world, explaining that the Sharjah Book Authority organizes the Sharjah Program, the guest of honor of the exhibition in cooperation with a group of cultural bodies and institutions to introduce the Italian and international audiences to history Al-Areeq for the UAE’s commitment to developing children’s and youth’s books. Al-Majaini stressed that Sharjah will work, through the exhibition platform, to enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences and cultural experiences between painters and authors of children's books, noting that preparations for participating in the exhibition have been ongoing for nearly a year.

Al-Majaini indicated that Sharjah organizes during its participation in the exhibition a group of introductory meetings and introductory sessions for Emirati painters and Italian publishers, with the aim of enhancing communication and cooperation opportunities, supporting literary translation, and opening discussion and dialogue on the most important challenges facing the translation of children's books.

For her part, Elena Pazuli welcomed the Emirate of Sharjah as a guest of honor at the next session of the exhibition, describing this participation as "an embodiment of the established friendship and cooperation relations with the Sharjah Book Authority, in light of the growing international interest in learning about the emirate's pioneering experience in the field of children's literature and drawings."

Sharjah will display 17 literary and creative books translated from Arabic into Italian, and will organize six book signing parties, and three discussion sessions highlighting the latest developments and developments in the field of children's literature in the UAE and the Arab world.

- 20 writers, artists, writers and publishers from the Emirates and the Arab world.

- Elena Pazuli: “An embodiment of friendship in light of the growing interest in the experience of the pioneering emirate.”