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Prayer for passing the "rock that does not fall" Miyagi Ishinomaki


As the exam season is in full swing, there are many students and students at the shrine in Ishinomaki, ...

Prayer for passing the "falling rocks" Miyagi Ishinomaki January 26 13:29


As the exam season is in full swing, many students and their families visit the shrine in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, where the “falling rocks” protruding from the rock surface are celebrated.

At a fishing stone shrine in Kitakami-cho, Ishinomaki, a large rock of about 14m protruding from a cliff in the precinct is celebrated, and it is said that the name of the shrine is "fishing stone".

A lot of test-takers and their families came to visit the rocks that did not fall, which survived the past major earthquake. I wrote my wish for passing.

According to the shrine, about 500 people visit here on many days.

A junior high school student from Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture, who visited with friends and family, said, "I will study further on the missing parts and aim for a pass." , I saw my words written in the fortune saying "If you keep trying, your hope will come true"

A shrine's Miyashi Hitoshi Kishinami said, "Last year my two grandchildren also passed the hope school. I pray that all the visitors who came here will hopefully come true."

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