Cooling is expected in the central and northwestern regions of Russia, the Hydrometeorological Center said.

According to weather forecasters, the upcoming week will begin with spring weather. In the capital on Monday, January 20, -1 ... + 4 ° C is expected, light precipitation is possible. On Tuesday, the temperature rises to +4 ° C. Wednesday, January 22, -3 ... + 2 ° C and snow are expected.

According to the Hydrometeorological Center, negative temperatures will be established from Thursday. During the day on January 23, cooling is expected to -6 ...- 1 ° C. In the period from January 24 to 26, it is expected to be from -6 ...- 1 ° C during the day, and -8 ...- 3 ° C at night.

And about. Director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Wilfand noted that in the event of a cooling, it is a "lyrical, not a meteorological concept."

“The bottom line is that with such a warm winter, concepts are shifted in principle. Indeed, on Wednesday (January 22 - RT ), the weather regime will begin to change. On Friday (January 24th - RT ) it will even be -3 ... -8 ° C at night. It would seem that a sharp drop in temperature, comparing with the current temperature regime, but can this be called a sharp cooling? It’s just a drop in temperature, ”stated the expert, whose words are quoted by TASS.

However, weather forecasters believe that the coming February will be colder than January. As Wilfand noted, the most severe cooling will be felt in the Asian part of the country, where negative temperature anomalies will be observed. According to him, in the European part of the country, in particular in Moscow, it will also be colder than in January.

“February is forecasted with a temperature lower than in January. We predict this fairly confidently. This happens infrequently, I would even say, extremely rarely. This is true both for the European territory of Russia and for the country as a whole, ”cites Wilfanda Interfax.

Temperatures are still above normal

As Yury Varakin, the head of the Roshydromet situational center, noted in an interview with RT, the temperature this week will still be above normal.

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“Until the 20th day, inclusive, it will be 9-11 ° C higher. A small and short-term cooling for two to three days is expected in Moscow and the Moscow region. This cooling will come from Novgorod and Tver. Cooling will come to Moscow on the night of January 22nd to 23rd, ”the expert said.

According to him, a short cooling will end on Friday, after which another wave of heat will come.

“We will again find ourselves in the Atlantic transference, and we will have only a couple of days of slightly negative temperature. Even with a cold snap, the temperature will remain above the long-term values ​​by five to seven degrees, ”said Varakin.

New thaw

Leading specialist of the Phobos center Mikhail Leus also pointed out the temperature mismatch. According to him, the air temperature on Thursday and Friday next week during the daytime drops to -1 ° C.

“This can be considered a cooling. But these temperatures will be very far from the climatic norm of the last days of January, ”the expert said in an interview with RT.

According to him, now the average daily temperature in Moscow is about +2 ° C, and this should be such an indicator in the first five days of April.

“On Wednesday, a cold atmospheric front will pass through the territory of the capital region. Cloudy, clear at times, light rain. On Thursday and Friday, the anticyclone will prevail in the weather, in places light snow is possible. The cooling will be short-term, and on the weekend the thaw will come to the capital again, ”Leus believes.

The chief specialist of the Moscow Weather Bureau, Tatyana Pozdnyakova, is also of the opinion that significant frosts should not be expected in the coming days.

“Next week there will be a slight frost at night, on some days light or moderate snow. The prevailing temperature at night is about -2 ... -4 ° C. Daytime temperature is slightly negative - 0 ... -2 ° C, ”she told RT.

Note that amid new weather forecasts, a temperature record was broken in Moscow. On the afternoon of Friday, January 17, the air warmed up to +4.3 ° С, the second day in a row, exceeding the record values ​​of 1925. Prior to this, on January 16, another 1925 record was broken. On this day, the air temperature reached +3.1 ° C.

At the same time, a warning about a “yellow” level of weather hazard is in effect in the capital. It is extended until 00:00 on January 19.