The first advertisement of singer Yang Jun Il's life is a hot topic.

Lotte Home Shopping, which was selected as the model of Yang Jun-il, released the advertising video starring Yang Jun-il on the official YouTube channel today (30th).

In the video, Yang Jun-il showed off his debut song 'Riveka' and showed a sensational performance. Above all, it added a valuable meaning in that the advertisement was the first advertisement about 30 years after the debut. Yang Junil said, "The fact that it became an advertisement model is like a dream and I don't feel it."

The netizens who watched the video are also cheering with comments such as "It's not awkward at all, as I've been active", "I'm looking for an advertisement myself because of Yang Jun-il", and "Walk in the future." Yang Jun-il, who made his debut in 1991, released songs such as Rebecca and Kanadaramabasa, but did not receive much attention from the public at that time. However, after a long time, his stage was relighted through the so-called 'Online Tapgol Park', a YouTube streaming old music broadcast.

Earlier this month, Yang Joon-il appeared in an entertainment program, gaining great popularity, and reportedly plans to spur domestic activities on the 20th.

(Photo: 'Straw-SBS Retro Channel', 'Lotte Home Shopping' YouTube Capture)

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