Eddie Murphy receives the Critics' Choice Lifetime Achievement Award for his merits as an actor and comedian. According to the award winners, Murphy is the most successful African-American film history actor, Deadline reports Monday.

Murphy is one of the few actors who played in a movie that raised 100 million euros or more in each of the last three decades. The 58-year-old American played roles in Beverly Hills Cop and Daddy Day Care, among others. Murphy is also known for 48 HRS, Trading Places, Coming to America, Harlem Nights, Bowfinger, The Nutty Professor and Shrek .

Murphy received an Oscar nomination for his supporting role in Dreamgirls in 2007. With his leading role in the Netflix production Dolemite Is My Name , the actor earned a nomination for a Golden Globe in 2019.

Murphy was also successful as a stand-up comedian. His shows Raw and Delirious , from the eighties, are still popular with the public and serve as an example for later comedians such as Kevin Hart and Dave Chapelle. Murphy played in the Saturday Night Live comedy show and was recently the presenter of the program. He will be touring in 2020 with a new stand-up comedy show.

Murphy receives the oeuvre prize on 12 January during the presentation of the Critics' Choice Awards. Actor Taye Diggs will present the award.


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