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What should you do to avoid gutting over the years


"They don't weigh the years, they weigh the kilos & apos;" the ad said. What he needed to add is that, over the years, all (except those blessed by a privileged genetics) gain kilos.

"They don't weigh the years, they weigh the kilos," the announcement said. What he needed to add is that, over the years, everyone (except those blessed by a privileged genetics) gains kilos. Gray hair and wrinkles are not the only obvious signs that we are “maturing.” Those pants that were previously adjusted and now do not buckle or hold our breath warn us that something is changing inside, something that, by the way, has a lot to do with our lifestyle since, as explained by María del Carmen Vericat, doctor of the Internal Medicine Service of the CIMA Hospital (Barcelona) in ZEN, "The rate at which we age is determined by 30% genetics and 70% our habits ."

The first major change that our anatomy undergoes over the years is a slight weight gain that not only consolidates but also tends to increase relentlessly from decade to decade .

As we age, we burn more and more slowly the calories provided by the food we eat. If we add to this that we move a little less , it is quite easy to understand why we need to buy a size (or two) larger.

Why this slowdown? Mainly, to an unavoidable milestone in our biological clock: between 30 and 40, muscle tone begins to decrease , which leads to a decrease in basal metabolism of 2% per decade .

What does muscle mass have to do with metabolism? Everything. At the risk of being plastid (again), it should be remembered that the muscle not only has a structural function l (facilitator of movement and support, both bone and visceral, among many other things) and other aesthetic (which allows us remains erect and be 'hard' and marked), but it develops a very important endocrine activity .

It is a powerful metabolic oven that participates in the release into the bloodstream of certain hormones that have an impact on caloric expenditure. That is, the more muscular we are, the more calories we will consume , even at rest (sitting or sleeping).

To this we must add the also inevitable hormonal storm linked at the end of the period of fertility that, in different degrees, affects us all and that leads to a change in the distribution of body fat.


Putting our batteries on before, before the matter gets out of hand and our prominent stomach prevents us from seeing the tips of our toes .

The first step would be to introduce more movement in our lives, to compensate with physical activity the damage that we inflict on our wonderful bodies by spending the day with our asses attached to the chair (I know, I am very heavy). "Those eight and a half hours that we throw ourselves at a computer from Monday to Friday go against our own nature . It is vital to make small breaks every 30 minutes or an hour to stretch our legs and resume the task with more desire," advises the coach Magali Dalix.

At that minimum (almost ridiculous) of 150 weekly minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity recommended by the World Health Organization we should throw some ambition. Is it really so difficult for us to take between 30 and 60 minutes to walk, swim, ride a bike, run or skate daily? Sure not.

Exercises to burn abdominal fat with Martín Giacchetta in Boutique Gym.

Beyond cardiovascular exercise, after 40, strength routines become more important than ever, as a key tool to keep fat at bay. A powerful muscle mass is a guarantor for our bones and a burning of calories.

The ideal would be to spend three hours a week making tables with exercises in which, with our own weight or using material as simple as possible (such as elastic bands), we strengthen our muscles.

Martín Giacchetta, personal trainer, teaches us how to do push-ups on three levels

Martín Giacchetta, co-founder of Boutique Gym (Madrid) and personal trainer, recommends us to do five exercises: "For me, the most effective are deadlifts, squats, irons, push-ups (with or without knees resting on the floor) and 'superman' ".

The repertoire with elastic bands is very wide and allows to activate even the most unexpected muscles without impact on the joints. Light, versatile, easy to use and very cheap (can be purchased for less than 10 euros), these tires are, without a doubt, one of the best investments that can be made to train at home.

How to get a flat gut without doing crunches | THE WORLD

"The resistance they oppose in each movement forces the muscle to do extra work with respect to what the weights imply," explains personal trainer Noe Todea.


Obviously, food is, along with exercise, a determining factor to avoid gut. María Amaro, a nutrition expert at the Feel Good Clinic (Madrid), gives us a recipe in which common sense prevails: "It is essential to make five meals a day , chewing slowly and well each bite; increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and minimize that of simple hydrates (pasta, rice, etc.) to opt for complexes (pasta and whole grains, potatoes, lentils, etc.); take more fish (especially blue) and less meat (and preferably, lean , from turkey or chicken) ".

What do we do with the candy ? First of all, 'pass' of industrial pastries and, put to sin, do it with something healthy, rich and nutritious. Chocolate, when black is better, is always the most advisable option.

Having good water-based hydration is also crucial. It is advisable to avoid carbonated drinks (even 'light'), packaged juices and alcohol, which "gives us a lot of empty calories."

Moral ZEN? Age does not sneak as an excuse . If you gut it is because every time you move less and eat worse. So pay attention to our experts and you will still be able to contemplate the tips of your toes.

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