The ambition of power of Pedro Sánchez and the lack of scruples in the opaque negotiation that the PSOE has entered into with ERC leave the formation of Government in the hands of Catalan independence. Only an irresponsible leader and kamikaze can think of advocating the governance of the nation to those who have no greater aspiration, precisely, than to destroy the nation. However, Sanchez seems willing to put no limits on his assignments to separatism. Miquel Iceta himself, who yesterday was re-elected first secretary of the PSC, has already made it clear that the Socialists will do whatever it takes to bind the endowment. After the return to Pedralbes and the restoration of the institutional dialogue with Torra through the trick of a round with all the regional presidents, the PSOE is willing to articulate a bilateral relationship to address what Sanchez now defines as a "political conflict."

All this reveals the capacity of influence of the PSC in Ferraz and leads the Socialists to internal tensions, which have already been verbalized by some barons. In any case, from the perspective of general interests, the relevant thing is that Sánchez's disguise of the separatists places Spain in the hands of a convicted person for sedition and an escape from justice so as not to answer for his responsibilities in the coup coup from 1-O. And all this, in a context marked by the intense struggle that ERC and Junts per Catalunya wage for the hegemony of sovereignty. This leaves the future Government at the forefront of the procedural situation of the independence leaders. The predisposition of Esquerra is to refrain and, therefore, facilitate the investiture of Sanchez on the second ballot. However, the position of the party that leads Junqueras can vary - as it already did in the procedure of the Budgets that caused the electoral advance of April - depending on the ruling of the next day 19 of the Court of Justice of the EU in relation to the Junqueras own immunity. If the CJEU gives the reason to the ERC leader, Puigdemont would be the most politically benefited. Seeing his immunity recognized, he would enjoy freedom of movement in Spain and could stand for the next elections. And it should be remembered that the button for an eventual electoral advance in Catalonia is held by Torra, the valid Puigdemont. Hence, ERC, chaired by the sovereign right of JxCat and the anti-systemist left of the CUP, makes the meaning of his vote in the investiture of Sánchez subject to his strategic interests in the Catalan political map.

This is the mousetrap in which Spain has run aground, the result of Sanchez's desire to continue in La Moncloa. His recklessness displaces the PSOE to the edge of the unconstitutional block, as Casado reproached him yesterday. It corrects or the effects of its genuflection in the face of secessionism will be lethal to national cohesion.

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