According to her, almost the entire working week, the weather in the metropolitan area will be determined by the frontal zone.

“In the east of the Moscow region, the weather forms an anticyclone, and in the west an Atlantic cyclone. In the zone of atmospheric fronts the capital region will be located. The weather is unstable, but definitely cloudy and with precipitation in different phases. At night, it can be wet snow turning into rain. On the contrary, during the daytime hours it will rain, which in the evening can be replaced by wet snow. Even on the night of December 16, it is possible that precipitation will occur, possibly up to 1 centimeter of snow, ”she said.

The weather forecaster also noted that the air temperature "will fluctuate around 0 ° C" throughout the week.

“The next day the temperature at night will be positive 0 ... + 2 ° C, daytime + 1 ... + 3 ° C. The same temperature on Tuesday afternoon. In subsequent days, the alternation of temperature is excluded. At night, there may be slightly negative values, but during the day it will still be around 0 ° C. All week there will be cloudy weather, damp and windy. By its nature, the weather does not correspond to mid-December, the temperature is 5-6 ° C higher than the climatic norm, ”the weather forecaster explained.

She also noticed that such weather is more typical for early November.

“Snow is not enough for mid-December,” concluded Pozdnyakova.

Previously, weather forecasters extended the "yellow" level of weather danger in Moscow and Moscow region due to snow and icing.