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It is the largest subtropical natural park in the country, with its 6,000 km2 of mangroves, lagoons, viewpoints, rivers and forests in which 750 types of animals and 1,000 plants fit. They are the figures of the Everglades, one of the two national parks that Miami has . The other is from Biscayne. It would be missing other curious inhabitants to the Everglades: the more than 150,000 python snakes (some of 75 kilos!) That threaten the ecosystem of the area.

Moreover, the so-called "Florida cane field" by the Spanish conquerors is one of 54 Unesco World Heritage sites in danger. Normal considering that, originally, it occupied 80% more. There are plenty of routes guided by both day and night rangers by bicycle, kayak, buggy or on foot to explore this impressive "river of grass", another of its appeals.

Hydrofoils are the best transport to get around the Everglades.

Even so, the best way to discover it is aboard a hydronave propelled by an aviation engine that allows you to glide, almost as if by magic, over the excessive mangroves. The cinema has already immortalized this wild refuge in films like Citizen Kane . On television, he has paraded through series like CSI Miami (every few chapters usually shows a corpse floating on the water) or Sex in New York, where Carrie Bradshaw wore glamor on one of these boats.

An indian camp

Robert Tagtail, with his khaki off- road shirt and camouflage cap, is a driver and guide for one of them, as well as a member of the Miccosukee Amerindian tribe, installed in the area for 200 years. The first thing he does when taking the controls is to distribute earplugs (the noise that the propellers make is not precisely heavenly).

The miccosukee tribe is used to dealing with alligators.

Then launch this warning: "It is forbidden to get your hands out and touch the water." It is not going to be that some of the 2,000 alligators that populate the park do theirs. It wouldn't be the first time: in 2012 one devoured the hand of a Tagtail colleague. He tells it himself. In the last decade, the attacks have gone from six to 10 a year, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Be, they are. It is not necessary to investigate much to see them swarming stealthily. "Right, guys," Tagtail warns.


One of the stops of the tour leads to an indigenous camp, where its members are dedicated to the crafts, tourism, tobacco and management of the Miccosukee Resort & Gaming , a luxury hotel-casino that does not lack a golf course . And everything, in the middle of this gigantic wetland. The bulky benefits it generates have questioned the tribe, investigated for possible tax offense. The miccosukee are protected in their condition of sovereign state, recognized by the United States in 1962, not to declare.

The Everglades also offer cycling routes in the middle of nature.

In fact, they have "their own flag, currency, language, religion and customs , like the green corn dance that celebrates each harvest," says Tagtail. However, the Florida Court has already made it clear that game revenue is not exempt from paying taxes no matter how sovereign they may be. In those walk ...


Drop down

How to get. Airlines like Iberia and Air Europa have direct flights from Spain to Miami from 500 euros.

Where to sleep East Miami Modern and original design hotel in Brickell with a relevant gastronomic offer thanks to its Quinto La Huella restaurants (with Uruguayan grill) or Tea Room (specialized in Asian cuisine). Its pools, its views of the 'skyline' and its sustainable interior design are unique. Do not miss the lively nights of its Sugar roof, one of the hot spots in Miami for the 'afterwork'. From 250 euros a night.

The Palms Hotel & Spa). Eco-friendly (it doesn't lack a garden next to the pool) and cozy, this beachfront hotel is an excellent option in South Beach. Your buffet breakfast does not disappoint, as does your Essentia restaurant, with a menu of international and healthy cuisine. From 170 euros a night.

Circa 39. Pleasant boutique hotel whose decoration is inspired by the world of travel. Do not miss the signature cocktails of the bar installed in the hall. Located in South Beach, it is two steps from the beach. From 95 euros a night.

Where to eat. Phuc Yea Vietnamese cuisine of level and artistic atmosphere in an avant-garde space run by the couple César Zapata and Anieve Meinhold. On Biscayne Boulevard From 40 euros.

Hello Miami. The best ceviches in Miami, as well as all kinds of seafood. Carnivorous dishes and signature cocktails are also very worthwhile. Located in South Beach, it is one of the city's trendy restaurants. From 45 euros.

More information On the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) website: www.miamiandbeaches.com

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