In Qirdaha, which belongs to the Syrian countryside of Latakia, it was announced that two female relatives of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were killed, Heba Fayez Jabour, 24, and Nour Fayez Jabour, 14.

Civil sources from the governorate stated, on social media, that someone raided the two dead women, at dawn, and opened fire on everyone in it, so the two girls were killed instantly, and then others were wounded.

The Al-Assad family and the Jabour family announced, in an official obituary, the death of the two mentioned girls who have close ties to the Syrian president through their mother, who is the reflection of Badi al-Assad, as contained in the obituary paper on the incident that rocked the region.

And some social media pages reported that the murderer is the fiancé of one of the two girls, without issuing any official statement from the police while the security services are searching for the killer or the killers, and the target of the killing has not yet been revealed.