Yesterday, Al-Maidan Castle was decorated with the most splendid suit as it received the second episodes of Fazza Loyalty Championship in its 20th and 12th edition of Al-Maidan Program, with everyone seeking to reach the "Fazaa Golden Cup" and winning the grand prize of one million dirhams.

The episode kept its secrets until the end, in order to announce the identity of the finalists for the second round of the first episode that was held last week, where Abdullah Ali Al-Ketbi, who achieved first place, was accompanied by Sultan Abdullah Al-Ketbi, who achieved second place.

The announcement came amid the joy and great interaction of the masses who were filled with the stands of the field theater, and flocked from various nationalities and ages, as well as those who followed themselves from the side areas of the theater area, given that this event is very popular within the global village.

The heated competitions took place amid the aesthetic and precision of performance, with the participation of the second group consisting of Abdul Salam Abdul Razzaq Abtan from Iraq, Rashid Saeed bin Haram Al Mansouri from the Emirates, Rashid Sultan Rashid Al Darmaki from the Emirates, and Khalifa Abdullah bin Rakad Al Ali from the Emirates.

Abdul Salam Abdul Razzaq Abtan gave a distinguished performance through control and rotation with the weapon, but he did not succeed in ringing the bell three attempts with his weapon falling the third time, and the jury awarded him the mark 47 points.

After him, Rashid Saeed bin Harmash Al Mansouri stepped up from the stage from Dubai, who excelled in the groundiness, and won the approval of the jury, but he succeeded in one attempt to ring the bell out of three attempts, to score the mark 48 points.

In the third show, Sultan Rashid Al Darmaki from Al Ain starred after a steady performance, although it was his first participation in the championship, and he was more than ringing the bell in the second episode in three out of four attempts, but the fall of the weapon in one of the attempts deprived him of the full mark, to give him Jury score 48 points.

The conclusion of the participants came with the successor of Abdullah bin Rakad Al Ali, the participant from Umm Al Quwain, who mastered the skills of control and rotation in the Earth's yawla, but he did not succeed in all his four attempts to ring the field bells, to get the mark 47 points.

The Director of Championships Department at the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for Heritage Revival, Souad Ibrahim Darwish, expressed her appreciation for the efforts of the participants who made a presentation worthy of the value of the championship, which highlights their good preparations and training over the past period, and during this particular week, the participation of a number of Yoeles who previously To them win the title alongside young talents, in enhancing the level of competition, and raising the value of the challenge in order to win the Golden Fazaa Cup, which is the biggest and most expensive goal of this ancient sport heritage.

The popular song

The artist Mohamed Al-Menhali presented two songs in the episode, the first was entitled "The Mighty Home", from the words of the poet Ahmed Sharar, and composed by Ahmed Al-Harmi, which is a national song dedicated to the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates, and the second is entitled "Drawing Your Love", from the words of the poet Saeed Mohammed bin Repairer, composed by moded Kaabi.

Al-Menhali said: “This tournament contributes to highlighting the popular song, confirming its association and role in this type of heritage sports that are part of society, and I am personally happy to participate for many years in this tournament, and being on the stage of the field that we are all proud of, and we always look forward to providing what "We keep pace with the development that we are witnessing in every version of this distinguished tournament."

Judgement comity

The jury in the second episode consisted of Rashid Al-Khasawy and Khalifa Bin Sabaeen, while Muslim Al-Amri presented the episode on Sama Dubai’s channel, and to the large audience present in the stands.

The competition system requires this season to divide the contestants into four groups, as in previous years, as follows: The first group includes each of the night: Sultan Abdullah Ali Obaid in Rashid Al Ketbi, Mohammed Abdullah Hamdan bin Dalmouk, Abdullah Ali Gomaa Obaid Al Ketbi, Saleh Sweileh Al Amri. The second group includes Al-Yawilah: Abd al-Salam Abd al-Razzaq Abtan, Rashid Saeed bin Harmash al-Mansuri, Rashid Sultan Rashid al-Darmaki and his successor Abdullah bin Rakad Al Ali. The third group consists of Al-Yawilah: Mansour bin Obaid Al-Wahaibi, Aseel Abu Ghalya, Matar Ali Ahmad Al-Habsi, Jumaa Obaid Saif Al-Abdul Ali. As for the fourth group, it consists of Al-Yawilah: Salih Abdul Hakim Salih Yusef, Muhammad Omar Muhammad Obaid Al-Muhairi, Issa Mahamas Ali Musleh Al-Ahbabi, Obaid Salem Muhammad Al-Nuaimi.

The poem "Hamdan Al-Shim"

Saeed bin Ghulaitah Al-Ghafli prose verses from the Nabati poetry of a poem entitled "Hamdan Al-Shaim", a new poem presented by a gift to His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, the first supporter of heritage sports and the "sheikh of youth" with the qualities and honorable shem And authentic, young and inspiring.

Al-Ghafli expressed his appreciation to the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for Heritage Revival, for inviting him to participate in this program, which comes to achieve the support of His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai Heritage, and contributes to highlighting young talents through the "Yolla" heritage of parents and grandparents that we cherish and proud of.