Ainu remains preserved for research purposes

Some of the remains of indigenous Ainu people were once excavated from graves in various places and stored at universities throughout the country for research purposes, but they were collected at a national memorial facility newly established in Hokkaido. On the 14th, a ceremony was held to provide ancestors.

On the 14th, a memorial ceremony was held at Supreme Town's “Ethnic Symbiotic Symbol Space = Upopoi” scheduled to open in April next year, and about 100 people from Ainu and universities attended.

More than 1,500 Ainu people's remains have been stored at 12 universities nationwide, such as being excavated from graveyards throughout the Meiji to Showa eras.

The collection of remains at the university was for research purposes, but improper management was also revealed, and most of the countries except for those requested to be returned by the bereaved family, etc., will establish and consolidate the memorial facilities It was.

President of the Hokkaido Ainu Association, Tadashi Kato greeted, “This is not the end of the responsibility of the university.

In addition, on behalf of the university, Vice President Satoshi Hasegawa of Hokkaido University said, “The country will manage, but we will continue to cooperate responsibly.”

Afterwards, Ainu people dressed in national costumes served their ancestors, for example, by drinking sake on an offering made by cutting a tree called “Inau”.

Mr. Kato said, “I think that my ancestors will be happy because they can sleep in a clean place after being left with dust. I want to thank everyone.”